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Delicate products such as glassware and wine glasses require packaging that is robust and durable. Consider CustomRigid Boxes offered by Ideal Custom Boxes for packaging your products. Custom rigid boxes contain the highest quality materials as well as a variety of box designs and printing methods to provide your product with an elegant look.

Rigid Boxes are easy to tailor in many ways based on the needs of the buyer. Customers can select making the shape, size, and even the color of their boxes. They can have the boxes embossed if they wish and can even add additional items like bows or ribbons to the box. All it depends on is the needs of the customer. If there’s any confusion, our team of trained professionals is always ready to assist. We offer design services for our customers for no cost.

Purpose and Uses of Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom-made rigid boxes are also referred to in the industry as setup boxes. They are four times stronger than cardboard boxes, which makes them more durable. The items that are typically placed in Custom Rigid Boxes are usually fragile or are regarded as luxurious. The reason for a custom-designed rigid box is that it provides additional protection to the item by using a sturdy material for the construction of these boxes.

ICB also provides advanced printing techniques that provide an attractive appearance for your item. Additionally, the accessories, finishing touches, and other accessories like threads, magnets, ribbons, and foiling in silver and gold are all options to provide your product with an elegant look while also protecting it from any types of damage. The rigid boxes are ideal to package luxury items since they provide durability and an elegant look to the product and its name. These boxes are typically used for display and gift boxes to increase sales.

The Creation of Custom Rigid Boxes at ICB

The process of creating custom-designed rigid boxes with ICB can be divided into five stages. The five stages comprise a material, box design and design, printing method, final touches, and finally the decoration to create an impression of your item as elegant.

1.      Materials available at Ideal CustomBoxes for Custom Rigid Boxes

Select a material compatible with your product. The material that you select for the boxes that you design should be sturdy, durable, and fashionable. ICB has three different kinds of materials used in the manufacture of custom rigid boxes.

a.      Grey Board White Back: 

The grey board white back is a two-toned product. The white side serves for the inside of the box, while the grey side serves for the outside and exterior of the box. The Grey board with a white back is water-resistant and is the most suitable material to print on.

b.      MDF Board 

MDF is a reference to Medium-density Fiberboard. It is MDF board is produced by breaking both soft and hard wooden pieces into fibers of the wood. The wood is then mixed with resin binder and wax. MDF Boards allow you to print and cutting of the board into different shapes.

c.       HDF Board:

The HDF Board refers to High Density-fiberboard. It is also known as HDF Board and is often known as hardboard. This is a material made of particle board as well as MDF boards. It is made of HDF board and is stronger since it is manufactured using wood fibers that are compressed.

Box Styles for Custom Rigid Boxes at Ideal CustomBoxes

The choice of a style for your packaging product isn’t easy. It is crucial to select the right style of box that is attractive and practical. There are many different styles of boxes available at ICB.

Magnetic Closure:

These magnetic closure boxes can be entirely in one piece. They contain premium grey board. Moreover, they are typically available in cube or rectangle shapes and can accommodate many things.

Lift-off Lid:

The lids for lift-off boxes contain two pieces that slide on top of each one. Although the design of the lids is popular, what makes it different is the capacity to hold many different items.

Book Style Box

Book Style Box: constructed in the shape that resembles a book. The shape ensures that the item is safe from falling out. The book box design is typically useful to serve as an exhibit box since it shows off the product in a stylish design.

Collapsible Box

These rigid collapsible boxes contain grey boards. It usually comes with a ribbon or magnetic closure. Moreover, the design, shape, as well as cost-effective, and storage capacities, are what make it ideal for gifts.

Slide Style box: 

It contains chipboard. The slide-style boxes function similarly to drawers. They are ideal for items that are delicate and could easily break. Thus, the slide-style ox offers the ideal quantity of capacity and the strength to withstand any type of injury.

Round-shaped Box

Round-shaped boxes provide your product with an additional touch of luxury. These boxes come in two parts. One is the cylindrical box, and the second part is the lid.

Thus, you can pick an appropriate box that is most effective for your item from our selection or create a custom shape by working with our team of experts. With the assistance of our skilled and imaginative graphic designers as well as our modern technology, we can create high-quality, custom boxes in any shape, design, and color.

2.      Printing Methods for Custom Rigid Boxes

There are a variety of ways of printing used by us for custom-designed rigid boxes. The most sophisticated printing techniques employed by ICB are as the following.

A.    Flexography 

This technique makes use of polymer and rubber plates to transfer image boxes. The technique is based on water-based ink. Moreover, images printed using the technique of flexography are of superior quality.

B.     Offscreen Printing 

Offscreen printing is a process that requires the force of ink on a screen that is mounted on frames. Therefore, the outcomes of screen printing are also outstanding.

3.      Finishing Touches

Once you’ve printed the text and images you want to use for your boxes, it’s time to select the finishing options for your printing. ICB provides a variety of printing options, including laminate and gloss, matte varnish, lamination, UV Spot UV coating, hot foil stamping embossing, and embossing, raised ink, and PVC sheets. Thus, all of these finishing touches enhance the image of your product and increases its aesthetics.

4.      Additional Touches

We have an exclusive selection of decor options to make your customized rigid boxes look luxurious. Hence, our selection includes ribbons, threads, magnetic with silver and gold foiling, and distinctive beads. Thus, we make a stylish box to showcase your product.

Why Go ForIdeal CustomBoxes?

Are you still debating which one to choose Ideal CustomBoxes to be your partner in packaging? Relax, as after you read our list of reasons, you’ll know why you should go to choose Ideal CustomBoxes for your packing partner.

High- Quality

Whatever the state of the economy is, our quality will never change. Thus, we’ll always have materials print techniques, add-ons, and printing with exceptional quality.

Our Price Range

IdealCustomBoxes provides a low cost to its customers who purchase robust box packing.

Free Shipment Services

Our free shipping throughout the USA is the reason our customers are proud of us. In the case of other countries, our shipping rates are the lowest. We will deliver your item within 6 business days, however, in case of urgent delivery, we will have the lowest shipping costs from our customers.

Additional Charges

We aren’t averse to exploiting our customers, therefore at ICB, we don’t have any additional or hidden charges for customizing the design and the shape that you want for the rigid box. Our team of experts is always ready to assist customers for no cost.

Our knowledge

ICB has been an independent manufacturer of custom rigid boxes in the USA for over twenty years. Thus, our expertise is what has made our faith in premium quality products and materials stronger.

Customers Relationship

The relationship with our clients is the most important thing to us. Hence, we constantly look for ways to resolve issues with our customers in a way that is cooperative and to establish a solid connection with them.

Quick Turnaround Time

Ideal CustomBoxes can provide a rapid turnaround time to customers, so they can continue their work.

Eco-friendly Boxes

We produce boxes made of materials that are recyclable and don’t impact the environment. Thus, we are trying to keep the earth healthy and green everywhere we go.

Order Limit

Ideal CustomBoxes offers the lowest minimum order limit. You can easily place an order without fear or confusion. The minimum order limit for us is 100.

Order Today!

There are a variety of packaging companies that permit you to request your customized rigid boxes. They may all provide the highest quality and service, but what they don’t offer is a reasonable price. CustomBoxes In US provide you with the best quality custom rigid boxes at affordable rates.

Get your order in today and reap the benefits of being one of the popular and most reputable packaging firms across the US. With our many years of experience in this field, we can assure you of our high-end products. Join us and enjoy the added benefit of accessing our exclusive selection of decor and finishing touches.

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