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On Clouds The Brand Launching Cloud-like Soles in The Footwear

Several brands are gaining publicity in the market because of the quality and texture they are providing to customers who are interested in wearing new style shoes. On Clouds is a brand of shoes that are useful for providing shoes and sneakers according to the present demands that are presented by the people according to their requirements.

The History of On Cloud Launching

On Clouds is a famous and well-known brand that is used by people who have a love for sneakers and are always demanding shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish and useful for coping with the present-era youths. The main aim of launching this brand was to provide eco-friendly shoes that are also beneficial in providing comfort for individuals and was launched by the Ironman Champion of Swiss named Olivier Bernhard.

Olivier founded the On Clouds Shoes brand along with being in partnership with his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti who were found to be partners in launching companies that were based on goods related to sports. The launch of the athletic shoe brand On Cloud was done in the year 2010 and the origin of the brand was mentioned to be in Switzerland as per the information on the site of the brand.

The Story behind the name and the logo of the shoe brand: On Clouds

On Cloud is the brand that was launched in the year 2010 and the naming of this brand was done based on the quality that the brand was going to provide to its customers that is the main aim that was mentioned to launched this brand to provide the experience to the user for walking on the clouds by wearing the shoes and this was made possible by making soles that were cushion type and able to have a smooth take-off by the individuals.

The Story behind the name and the logo of the shoe brand On Clouds

The logo of the brand is designed to be very simple and mainly includes the first word of the brand which is “on”. Given the design of the logo, it was noticed that the easy and simple design was mentioned in the character that was designed as one letter stacked on top of each other. 

The On Clouds Shoes Collection

The shoes that are provided by On Clouds Shoes are made available to the user in different styles and comfort that are used by the customer to match their daily lifestyle and also the performance to be maintained by them every day.

The collection made available is further categorized differently for both men and women so that they can choose the gender and further the choice of the shoes according to their requirements can be matched on the retailing store that sells these shoes.

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On Cloud Men: The First Category of On Clouds Shoes Collection

The brand has introduced a collection of Men shoes that are provided according to men’s requirements which is also beneficial for matching the performance that is performed by men daily.

On Cloud Men The First Category of On Clouds Shoes Collection

Further, some categories are mentioned on the site of the On Cloud Shoes of Men that were chosen by men having the cushion-like texture along with sustainable elements. The categories of men’s shoes are

  • On Cloud Road Running Shoes: The Brand provides shoes for men that are categorized into running shoes and are used and bought by the athletes who use these shoes while running along with having the cushion texture giving the experience of a walk on clouds.
  • On Cloud Hiking Shoes: The next category of shoes available include the hiking shoes that are used by people for hiking and hence have less cushion-like texture.
  • Trail running On Clouds Shoes: The brand provides shoes along apparel that are required for trail running with that provide serious performance along with comfort and are also further provided with a waterproof texture.
  • On Cloud Tennis Shoes: The next category that is provided by the brand includes tennis shoes that make sure that the product delivered to the customer provides them the best performance with the grip in the match.

Further, there are sports outfits and accessories available for men so that they can use them and further enjoy the performance and comfort that are provided along with comfort and sustainability.

On Clouds Women: The Second Category of On Clouds Shoes Collection

The On Cloud Brand further provides shoes for women that are useful for providing them comfort and lightweight texture to provide them with smooth take off. There are further cloud categories that are available for men and women both and are categorized as Cloudnova and Cloud 5 and many more categories were mentioned.

  • White On Clouds: Cloud 5 is the brand that provides shoes that are all white and are recognized as one of the favorite textures and styles demanded for men that are even more comfortable along with the improved fitting.
  • Pink On Clouds: The brand On Cloud Cloud Nova provides shoes that are pink in color and are also available in Barbie shoes that are also designed for workout purposes and athletic purposes used by women.

The categories that are available for men are also made available for women who can use the type of shoes according to their requirements. The shoes are also made available according to the sizes that are comfortable for every individual.

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On Cloud Accessories Available

The accessories along with the apparel are also made available on the site of On Clouds that are made available for people as well as sports clothes and running accessories for the customers providing best experience.


In the end, it can be concluded from the article with the fact that On Cloud is the brand that provides shoes and apparel along with the accessories that are available for the customers. On Cloud was launched to provide the customer the products that are lightweight and are available with the cloud sole texture giving the experience of walking on the clouds for the customer and are available for both men and women categories.

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