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Online casino gambling is something that has quickly been gaining popularity with the Indian people. More Indian people have been getting access to the Internet by smartphones becoming more affordable. The more economical smartphones have also become a lot more powerful in recent times thanks to very positive technology developments. 

It is estimated that close to 70% of the Indian online traffic throughout 2020 is generated through smartphone devices which include tablets such as iPads. 

One of the industries that have taken action on the analytics data that the majority of the Indian online traffic is mostly smartphone devices is the online casino and online betting industry. All top companies in the Indian online gambling space have adapted their websites and apps to mainly cater to smartphone devices. 

By adapting the websites and apps to smartphone devices the online casino and online gambling industry have been able to generate fast pace growth. When comparing the growth to other online casino markets around the world you can see that the Indian online casino market is the fastest growing in 2020. For 2021 the Indian online casino market is expected to grow at an even faster rate. 

Two online casino companies which have seen the most growth in the Indian online casino market are bet365 casino and Betway casino. By being some of the first companies to capitalize on the smartphone trend in India these 2 online casino companies were able to achieve this growth. 

Not only was the companies Betway gambling and bet365 online gambling first adapting to smartphones but through careful analysis of the user behavior of smartphone based users they were able to regularly improve their online casino products. 

Today betway and bet365 are not only the fastest growing online casinos in India but they are also by far the largest online casinos when seen from an active players perspective. 

The Indian authorities have yet to acknowledge the potential of the online gambling industry in terms of what it could contribute to to the Indian economy. By regulating the Indian online gambling industry it estimated that an additional 200,000 new jobs could be created plus 200 million USD in new tax revenue could be generated only in its first year.

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