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Brick-and-mortar casinos have been here for a couple of centuries but they are making technological strides.  Their online counterpart appeared approximately two decades ago when the Internet became more mainstream and globally accessible.

In the early beginnings, we could play only 2D slots without any additional features. Today, we can play online slots in 3D packed with bonus features, cascading symbols, Wilds, and similar. Thanks to technological advancement, we now have more gambling opportunities than ever before — interactive games, video poker, and even live dealer games for a more realistic casino experience.

Back then, we couldn’t fathom what direction the online gambling industry would take. We’re talking about a multi-billion-dollar industry that will only continue to grow. Today, the possibilities seem endless — none of us can predict the next step for online casinos.

Will VR and AR take over the gambling experience and make it even more vivid? Or will there be even more security layers that would make our online casino account impenetrable? The answer is — we can’t know for sure. But if we were to guess, here is what we think might happen in the future.

More Casinos Will Implement the Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies had a massive impact on multiple industries, from finance to online gambling. Since e-commerce is thriving, it’s natural that people have found more efficient and secure ways to make online transactions. That’s why cryptocurrencies’ popularity skyrocketed, especially in the last year or two.

Apart from revolutionizing online casinos with fast and perfectly safe money transactions, players will now see how much a casino pays out its players. Thanks to blockchain technology, it’s possible to track all winnings and determine whether you were paid out accordingly.

Therefore, blockchain is an excellent addition to have, along with third parties that test casino games for randomness and fairness. All casinos claim to have a payout rate higher than 95%, so why not check it? On top of that it is always a good idea to read Canadian Online Casino Reviews before you play

Other advantages of using blockchain in online casinos are fast payments and low transaction fees compared to some fiat currencies. If you look at some renowned online casinos, you’ll see that most of them already support crypto payments.

Live Casinos and E-Sports Will Thrive

Live casinos have been popular for quite some time now, with live streams and the possibility of communicating with a dealer. Now, it’s unimaginable for a casino to be without a live dealer section. On the other hand, e-sports have appeared only a couple of years ago. The world’s most popular gamers used to play live on platforms such as Switch and Realtime.

Nowadays, anybody interested in iGaming can bet on esports, such as CS: GO, Dota 2, LoL, WoW, and many other video games. Online casinos have realized the potential of both these gambling aspects, providing players with a wide range of live dealer games and e-sports betting opportunities.

The Rise of Mobile-First Casinos

Mobile devices have taken over the world. Not many people can go on about their day without checking their phones. In the last couple of years, there has been a rise in mobile gambling as well. Online casinos have been adjusting their platforms and making them mobile-friendly, which has benefited both them and players.

Some notable casinos and sportsbooks created designated apps for all smartphones’ OSs — Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. On the other hand, there is an even higher number of gambling sites that don’t offer an app, but their platforms are fully-functional across all mobile devices. Thanks to cutting-edge algorithms and hi-tech features, players can now enjoy a full range of games and sports, even on the go.

An Even More Secure Online Gambling

To obtain a license, an online casino needs to feature a 128-bit SSL encryption technology that keeps all data and transactions safe and away from harm’s reach. While that’s the industry-standard security feature, online casinos will add more layers to protect their players’ sensitive data from hackers and anyone looking to gain unauthorized access to this information.

Unfortunately, we’re not tech wizards, and we can’t predict precisely how casinos will improve their security. Still, we are confident it will happen. No online casino wants to taint its reputation by lowering the guard and allowing the delicate information to be compromised.


By increasing security, online casinos will only attract more players looking for an exciting yet safe gambling experience.

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