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Searching for love through the Internet or rather old-good conventional dating? Experts are united in their belief – online matchmaking is our future. According to them, it is the most popular and effective way to find the one and only. One out of three couples get to know each other through the World Wide Web! Also, Internet relationships are often lasting and very happy.

In fact, it shouldn’t sound anyhow surprising to you. Singles worldwide have long ago recognized the numerous advantages of speed dating nyc on the Web. We can even say they particularly appreciated it during the pandemic lockdown. 

Together with the representatives of the website we have created the list of main advantages of online dating. We hope it will help you to ensure – it really works. 


The anonymity online dating offers – is especially beneficial for reserved or shy singles. Often, the users on such platforms are registered with pseudonyms and only reveal as much personal information as they want. Nobody needs to worry about being harassed by phone calls or being surprised by spontaneous visits. If your conversationalist misbehaves – you can simply stop communicating. It is even possible to block her and, if necessary, report the girl to the site administration. In this secure atmosphere, many singles find it easier to flirt. The fear of embarrassment or rejection is fewer. After all, everyone is looking for a partner on such a service.

Large selection of potential partners

More and more singles are looking for their love online and no longer wait for an accident meeting in the supermarket or at the pub. This means that many millions of men and women join various dating sites. 

The personalized selection criteria allow potential soulmates to be determined and preferences (shared hobbies, interests, tastes, attitudes to life, etc.) to be compared. In contrast to real life, singles from all over the globe can flirt with each other because the search radius can be easily expanded.

Another advantage at this point. When you flirt on the matchmaking platform – you actually have to deal merely with singles. You don’t have to laboriously find out whether the sweet lady in the supermarket or the friendly woman at the bar is available at all.

By the way, there are numerous specialized platforms for the many different types of singles: for single parents, gamers, the LGBT community, etc. 

Available 24/7

For busy workaholics, shift workers, or single parents, finding a partner online offers an unbeatable advantage: you can look for a suitable partner at any time of the day or night. This can be easily integrated into any daily routine. There is no need for time-consuming preparations and no after-effects of long party nights. Even in just a few minutes, you can send short messages, answer an interesting question or simply click on a few profiles. 

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End price

The offline search for a partner can be expensive – especially if you are picky. Styling, new outfits, entry to nightclubs, costs for drinks, food, or taxi; sometimes babysitting can be added up. Compared to these expenses, the membership fees for reputable dating sites are inexpensive. In addition, a wide range of services is offered for this small price. Singles benefit from fixed amounts and do not have to reckon with the additional costs that some party evenings entail.

Home sweet home

The online partner search is totally uncomplicated and convenient because nobody has to leave the familiar surroundings. If you can’t go out anyway because you’re too busy, have small children, or everything is closed due to the Coronavirus – it’s the only available way. Phone or video dates are also possible from the sofa at home – bear it in mind. 

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