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When it comes to online tutoring Chicago has been very good to me over the years and I have counted on students from the city for a number of years. I have been tutoring online for just over 6 years now and whilst I have had students from other states and cities, it is Chicago where things have really gone well. There are any reasons why an online tutor can help you and today I want to explore that a little bit more. Many people have turned to using online classrooms during this lockdown and when things open up again, here are some reasons as to why you should look to use an online tutor.

One on One

For anyone who is struggling in school or university with an individual topic it can be difficult to get the attention that is needed in order to help raise their game. An online tutor on the other hand will be able to give that student maximum focus and attention to explain things that they are unsure of or to give them specific guidance. There simply isn’t any other way to get this one on one attention other than using a tutor.


You could go to visit a tutor, get them to come to your home or meet in a public place, but this is going to cost time or money. I used to meet a guy in Starbucks for a session and I would have to add additional cash on to the cost because of the time and the cost of transport which I would incur as a result. It is far easier to simply load up your laptop and bang, you can have your tutor session right there and then.



Many think that having a tutor session from the comfort of your own home means that you are less likely to pay attention or that you have more distractions around you but in my experience that has not been the case. In fact in my experience I have seen students become more focused and more attentive because they feel comfortable and free from stress. It is essential that when you are about to learn something that you feel comfortable and that is just what students feel when they can have a session online.


 I would always recommend hiring a tutor to help with your studies and if you are going to do so then an online tutor is certainly going to be the cheapest option. As mentioned above, it stands to reason that this comes at a lower cost because you are not costing the tutor a great deal of money, beyond their time and whatever energy costs there may be. You can afford sessions with amazing tutors if you do so online and that comes with all of these extra benefits too.

There is no shame in getting a tutor at all, get the help you need with an online tutor.

By David Smith

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