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digital gaming technology

The digital gaming technology sector has recorded a sharp increase in data during 2020. Although the balance is not yet final, it is possible to make estimates, in anticipation of this last period that will conclude a really important moment for the videogame segment. As scheduled, the latest consoles were released at Sony and Microsoft, just during the month of November. The sales estimates for these products are directly proportional to the hype that has been raging on information sites for weeks now and to a greater extent on those dedicated to technology.

Leaving aside the discourse related to consoles and physical products, 2020 will be remembered as a turning point for the digital gaming sector managed in a cloud format. The game on-demand service, which takes its cue from the same concept linked to the streaming of audiovisual products such as Netflix or Prime Video, is having great success with the public. The costs are much lower and it is extremely easy to access remote games, directly on your devices. The signal of this trend is given by Apple’s release of the platform dedicated to Arcade category games, providing a choice of over 200 games, considered among the most innovative and performing of the moment. In part, this phenomenon is linked to the concept of retrogaming which in recent years has had a certain impact on the active community of gamers all over the world. That 2020 was an important moment for the videogame sector was already evident from the data with which 2019 had ended.

Take an industry like online casino uk for example, where the figure indicates growth for some of its main attractions such as European digital roulette, slot machines, blackjack and baccarat. The card game of baccarat, like blackjack, also known as 21, has received good feedback over the last few years. The merit is linked to the fact that, even in digital versions, casino card skill games are really simple to play even through the use of a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. In fact, online gaming today is mainly based on users who use this type of device. Over 70% of users today access casino gambling sites through their mobile devices.

As for baccarat it is a really simple and spectacular card game to be played even in its multimedia version. With an important history behind it, the card game of baccarat has always been considered one of the most elegant attractions in the context of the gambling halls; despite never having the following and success of poker and blackjack online, the game of baccarat has endured over time and today it can also be developed and practiced in its digital version. After all, every self-respecting game of skill and society has its own history and baccarat also belongs to this type of context.

The origin of this game is obscure, although many have always associated it with the figure of Felix Falguerein, the fact remains that a game quite similar to baccarat was already widespread and practiced in Europe, starting from the end of the fifteenth century. After all, many of the games we play today have a rather ancient origin, think for example of the roulette that has crossed the courts of Europe over the centuries to then arrive in casinos all over the world and which today is played through a game app for smartphone. Even baccarat has had a similar fate, which places it rightfully among the games of cards and skills with more history and longevity, among those known and appreciated by the general public.

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