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Despite the fact that the wedding dress as a category has long been described and played up from all sides and has long been recorded as one of the most traditional and classic outfits, every girl, when getting married, tries to bring her own individuality and her own vision into the long-standing canon, and we, Dream Bridal Couture, as a brand of modern wedding fashion, we completely support them in this idea.

How to find your unique and non-trivial wedding dress to surprise both the groom and the guests, and express your individuality, charisma and sense of taste – in our article.

Classic designs: pros and cons

On the one hand, everything has its place, and if you are planning a wedding in a church, then your outfit and the entire decor should match this. On the other hand, it is difficult to limit a bright personality to any boundaries, and we believe that it is bright personalities who make history, and we are very happy when brides come to us with a special and original vision of wedding style, and therefore, we will express our vision about the classic styles in wedding fashion:

  1. The classics have been formed over the years, and, although even the most classic dress will not suit every girl, the basic styles that are considered classic, and these are: mermaid, princess, a-line, sheath, empire line and others https://dream-couture.com/dream-blog/wedding-dresses-in-the-usa/ – have always been and will be the best basis for creating any modern look.
  2. Any style needs to be selected according to the type of figure and almost any style can be adjusted to a certain type of figure – as a result, we do not have a pure look, but a modification, which can safely be called a new trend, but let’s not forget that everything new is just well forgotten old thing.
  3. And finally, classic is not about appearance, although it is certainly important, classic is about the practical component, since a dress, especially a wedding one, should be comfortable and convenient, because this is perhaps the most important thing to triumph in the life of a young family.

Fabric and color

Despite the fact that the best fabrics for wedding looks are still natural fabrics, their modern variations give designers a much greater range of creative freedom and imagination, because modern automated technologies make it possible to lighten the fiber, which makes the fabric more functional, holds its shape better, and does not wrinkle, but at the same time, the fabric breathes, and the bride does not feel as if she is being squeezed in a vice.

As for color solutions, modern fashion allows for absolutely any variations and combinations, thanks to modern dyes that look natural and allow you to convey the texture of the fabric and cut features. 

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