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We just need to be patient a little more and the summer of 2021 is here! It’s time to travel, explore and make up for the lost time (still need to follow guidelines, though). If you’re vaccinated, you can hit the road this year, but your safest bet is still to limit your travels to outdoor spaces where you can keep a safe distance. If this is your first outdoor trip, here’s what you need to know:

Check the situation in advance

If you’re visiting national parks, campgrounds or any attractions, make sure to look up information before visiting. Most facilities and parks are operating normally, but some might still have reservation requirements in place. 

Book campgrounds today

In 2020, camping and RVing were huge, and 2021 will most likely be the same. Millions of people went camping for the first time last year, which is great, however, you might be required to book your spot in advance. Wild camping is allowed in some countries and states, but if you’re a beginner camper, organized campgrounds are your safest bet. 

Pick the right time

If you want to have a specific camping spot or RV site, you need to book a month in advance. You might find empty spots a week before your trip, but they will most likely be mid-week. If you want to have enough space and flexibility, skip the weekends. Many older forest service sites and campgrounds only have pit toilets and some running water, so if you want to enjoy these commodities, have your trip mid-week to beat the crowds. 

Travel with only your closest friends

The more the merrier, that’s true. Traveling with a bunch of party people is a blast, but not so much when it comes to outdoor adventures. It’s best to stick to three or four of your closest people to avoid any trouble. That friend that’s a hit at the bar after a few drinks might act very irresponsibly on your kayaking trip. Outdoor trips are reserved for people who know how to travel responsibly

Bring all necessary gear

No matter if you’re planning an intense outdoor adventure or a chill out in the woods, you must pack plenty of items that will come in handy. Start with a first aid kit and plenty of food and water for your trip (you won’t be able to skate by with two bottles of water and beef jerky). Also, make sure to pack a good knife—it’s an essential tool for all outdoor trips. Rely on durable OTF knives and you will have a tool perfect for cutting roper, making shelter, preparing food and keeping your camp safe. Also, don’t forget some warm clothing even though it’s summer, and some rain gear to keep you dry. 

Prep your vehicle

If you’re planning to avoid public transport, you’re one smart cookie. Instead, organize a road trip this summer and hit the road in your own vehicle. This will not only give you plenty of freedom you probably desire after a year spent in the house, but it will also be much safe for everyone involved, that is if you check your vehicle before you embark. Make sure to check all the fluids, inspect tires and fill your car with safety items like a first aid kit, survival blankets and some flares. 

Visit national and state parks

For several years now, national parks have been gaining popularity. Due to COVID-19, some parks might have limited entrance numbers and require reservations, others are completely back to normal. One way to avoid crowds is to skip national parks and choose state parks. These offer amazing natural beauty and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities but fewer visitors. Many even rival their popular counterparts with scenic views, wildlife and camping opportunities. 

Adventure at your own pace

You might want to join a hiking excursion up an intense mountain, but if this is your first hiking trip, you probably don’t have enough experience for this adventure. Pushing yourself is healthy, but make sure you’re not going too far. Adventure at your own pace and both you and everyone in your group will be safe and sound. 

Summer of 2021 will be one huge adventure for many of us, so grab your camping gear and your best hiking shoes, and get ready to explore nature, enjoy the great outdoors and feel the freedom once again. 

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