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In recent years, the boundaries between men and women’s clothing have been gradually blurring, and the style of outfits have become more and more universal. Gender neutral fashion is gradually becoming the norm, the manifestations of which are especially clearly visible among the younger generation.

Of course, this is such a new life and a new era. But many people still think that our task as parents is to raise either a daughter or a son.  And if for some parents gender neutral fashion remains unrecognized yet, then for the global industry this is already a common thing, even large brands are gradually ceasing to clearly divide collections into men and women.

World’s Top Brands Accelerate Gender Neutral:

The world’s leading brands are proposing a series of outfits that look like they are blurring their gender. There are various ways to describe clothes in this position, such as gender-neutral, genderless, and gender non conforming.

More men are wearing skirts, and more women are wearing masculine jackets. But gender neutrality is different in that it doesn’t fix the gender of the wearer from the very beginning when designing the outfit.

Its continuity, many clothing brands are coming with gender-neutral cloth and among them one of those being Gangworthy. With their emerging collections of gender-neutral fashion, it’s definitely ascetically pleasing. Currently they only use black clothing when applying their custom creations and designs. However, there will be limited runs in the future, which may include different colours. Their niblings collection dropped on 16/08/2021. Additionally with consideration for inclusive sizing stocking S to 7XL.

Moreover, it’s now becoming more of the norm when we look at the 2021-22 fall / Winter Men’s Collection of “LOEWE,” which has many fans worldwide, and sporting looks that emulate skirts, traditionally worn by women. You can’t see the gap between your legs, and it’s reminiscent of a woman’s maxi-length skirt. The bag filled with floral patterns is also a nod to gender-neutral. The belief that you have to wear masculine colors and patterns because you are a man seems to becoming a thing of the past.

Various attempts at gender neutrality:

In addition to fashion designers, various celebrities and companies are trying to be gender-neutral. Public opinion is changing slowly shifting as influential celebrities and businesses take action.

Indeed, taking significant action on gender issues may take courage at first.  But paying attention to the voices raised worldwide is also an essential step towards creating a gender-neutral world. You can say that.

Harry Styles (2020) of VOGUE:

Harry Styles is predominant as a member of the popular boy group One Direction and active as a solo artist. When he emerged on the cover of the American version of “VOGUE” in 2020, it was the first single male cover.  Since it was first published, he was wearing a wedding dress, which attracted a lot of attention.

There were many criticisms from conservatives seeking a strong male image. But Harry Styles is staring at the camera in a modest dress by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. It makes you feel “strength and beauty as a person.” His words, “If you remove the barrier of gender, you can open a playground,” moved many people.

Billy Porter of the Academy Awards (2019):

Billy Porter won the Tony Award for Best Actor in Music at the stage “Kinky Boots” and the Emmy Award for Best Actor in the drama “POSE / Pose”. He appeared in a black-tie at the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony and surprised the people around him.

He is coming out to be gay and in 2017 he married Adam Smith and attended the awards ceremony with him. Billy Porter has also appeared in gender neutral fashion at other parties and awards ceremonies, sending a message about gender and fashion diversity.

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