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Outlook Password Recovery Tool to Access Password-Protected PST

Outlook uses PST files to stores the user’s data, such as emails, notes, tasks, and calendar entries. Organizations take utmost care to protect them. If you’re using Outlook in daily life, then you may know that Outlook doesn’t allow users to set a password for the Outlook program but allow users to apply passwords on their PST file to protect them from authorized access. Most organizations and users apply passwords on their PST as it can contain crucial business-related data. Protecting PST files by password authentication is a reliable way to protect data. Sometimes, users forgot their PST file password and stuck in a critical situation of Outlook password recovery.

Here in this write-up, you will get to know different methods for PST password recovery. So let’s elaborate:

How to Recover Outlook password?

Forgetting the Outlook password for the Outlook. Microsoft doesn’t provide any recovery option for Outlook 2007 and later versions because Microsoft doesn’t provide any inbuilt utility for PST password recovery in these versions. In this condition, users have to use an automated Outlook password recovery tool. Before moving towards the automated password recovery tool, we will know the manual way to recover password in Outlook 2003 and lower versions.

Recover Outlook password by using PST19upg.exe

PST19upg.exe is an inbuilt utility that comes in Outlook 2003 and lower versions. This utility recovers the PST file password by upgrading it. Pursue the following steps for PST password recovery in Outlook 2003 and lower versions.

  • Firstly, close the Outlook program and create a backup of the PST file before starting the Outlook password recovery process.
  • Open and run the ScanPST.exe too, browse the PST file and click on the Start button.
  • Now, wait until the Scanning process gets completed. It can take several minutes as the scanning process is divided into 8 phases.
  • After the scanning process gets completed, click the Repair button. (If you didn’t create a backup, you can backup your PST file from the same wizard).
  • Once the ScanPST.exe utility completes the repair process, click Windows +R key combination to open the command Prompted.
  • Now, the run wizard gets open. Here type cmd. in the edit box and click on the Ok button. After that, type the following command and press enter. It will change your file format PST into .psx.
  • C:\backup\pst19upg.exe -x C:\backup\outlook-copy.pst (PST19upg.exe location -x Outlook PST file location).
  • Now, type the following command to create a password-free PST file from the .psx file.

C:\backup\pst19upg.exe -i C:\backup\outlook-copy.psx

  • Now you have successfully created a password-free PST file. Run the ScanPST.exe, and scan the newly created password-free PST file. 

Drawbacks of the manual method are

  1. PST19upg.exe only comes in Outlook 2003 and lower versions. So if you’re using Outlook 2007 or above versions, use the automated PST password recovery tool.
  2. This technique only works in the ANSI code of PST file format and not in UNICODE format. 
  3. A single misstep can make your PST file corrupted, or you can lose crucial data.
  4. It is a lengthy and technical process; not recommended for non-technical users.

Due to these drawbacks and the risk of data loss, users preferred third-party tools over the manual method for Outlook password recovery.

Outlook password recovery with a third-party tool

When you forget the Outlook PST password, there is only one reliable method; using a third-party tool. There are multiple vendors in the market, but whenever we talk about the best third-party PST password recovery tool, the Shoviv Outlook password recovery tool is the name that clicks my mind first.  

Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery 

It is one of the most used and recommended utilities to recover PST file passwords. The software is developed a highly advanced algorithm that can recover the password from the PST file created in any Outlook version. This software is easy to use and recover Outlook password effortlessly, within few minutes, and in a few steps. The software has multiple comes in handy features that make it a reliable solution even for non-technical users.

Key features of Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery

  1. The software works flawlessly and recovers the forgotten password of the Outlook PST file in a few moments. 
  2. The tool is built with a highly advanced algorithm that makes it compatible with all versions (2007, 2010, 2016, and 2019) of Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating system.
  3. The Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery tool can recover passwords from both types of PST files (UNICODE or ANSI).  
  4. The software recovers all types of the password (made of a string, symbol, special-character, and number) in a hassle-free manner.
  5. During the PST password recovery, the software does not alter the file properties and hierarchy.
  6. The software has a convenient graphical user interface that makes this software easy to use for all types of users (beginners/Non-technical). Even Non-technical users can recover forgotten PST file passwords easily with the help of this tool. 
  7. Shoviv software offers a free demo version of this tool that allows recovering the password of PST files, which are up to 200MB. By using the demo version, users can check the capability and function of the software and get assured about the software before purchasing its full version. 

Recover Outlook Password using Shoviv Outlook password recovery tool:

The software works in a simple manner. It provides 3different passwords to users. Among these three passwords, users can use any password to reset the PST file password or unlock the PST file to access data.

Steps to use the tool

  1. Firstly, download and open the Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery Tool.
  2. Secondly, click on the Browse button, and select the PST file.
  3. Now click on the Recover Password button, and the software will provide you three passwords.

Final Words

Here in this write-up, we discussed the method for PST password recovery. One is a manual method, and the other is the Shoviv Outlook Password recovery tool. The manual method doesn’t work in Outlook 200 and lower versions. We suggest using the free trial version of the professional tool before investing effort and time in the manual method.

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