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Packaging foam rolls

When you get a new order for an item in your Etsy shop, you get to work to create the best experience possible for your customer. From carefully honing your craft to taking every detail of their order into consideration, it’s important that you get them exactly the product they’ve ordered.

When you’re doing all you can to create the perfect product, it’s nerve-wracking to think about what could happen after the item leaves your care. Packaging and shipping the item as safely as possible can provide you with peace of mind that your item will arrive to your customer looking just as it did when you placed it in its package and dropped it off at the post office.

Check out these top tips for packaging and shipping your Etsy shop items:

Listen to customer feedback.

In the event that a customer received a broken item, listen closely to their feedback to help you devise a plan so that it doesn’t happen again in the future. Whether you need to step up your packaging or start shipping your items with a “fragile” label to ensure that they’re handled properly, your customers can provide valuable insight into figuring out what went wrong. When a customer lets you know that an item has arrived in poor condition, ask them to snap a photo so you can prevent the issue from happening again (after you assure them that you’ll replace the item at no cost, of course).

Invest in bubble packaging and packaging foam rolls.

Top-of-the-line bubble packaging is a great way to keep your item safe as it hits bumps in the road on its way to your customer. Packaging foam rolls are perfect for keeping stainless steel, glass, and engraved items dust-free and just as pristine as they were when they left your care.

Don’t skimp.

It can be tempting to go light on packaging materials in order to save money, but it’s not a smart move. Few things can damage your reputation as a seller more than a customer receiving broken items. When in doubt, go the extra mile to ensure that your item safely makes its way to your customer.

Get personal.

Your customers love your work — and it makes them feel special when they get a personalized note from you. If it’s manageable with your workflow, it’s a great idea to include a quick thank you note in every package. If that’s too overwhelming, adding two or three thank you notes to packages throughout the day can go a long way in helping your customers feel appreciated.

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