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Pacman 30th Anniversary Details of Its Celebration

You must have played arcade games once in your life and enjoyed the fun because when there were no high-graphical games, these arcade games were the only ones available and loved by people all around the world. Adding more to it, the 1980s were the golden age of arcade games when people used to plug in their video games or put their paid coins inside the gaming machine and get along with those easy visual games that made their day.

So, coming to the topic now, Pacman is one such game that has been going on for a long time and there is hardly anyone left who has not played it or does not know its name, because not only has it become famous in the place of its origin but also in the whole world.

What do we know about Pacman History?

Well, we will get short on words when talking about Pacman because it has a long history and at the same time has an excellent success history that goes back to 1980 when it was developed by Namco. Continuing with that, the creator Toru Iwatani became very famous with the release of the game and had the idea to create something that could be enjoyed by the female population as well, because back then, not many games could attract female gamers who were a big part of the population and could contribute to the gaming industry.

Pacman Game Experience and Idea

So now talking about the concept and cool story of Pacman, back in the day there were arcade games that only focused on blasting aliens and PacMan decided to shake things and bring a new concept that could be enjoyed by everyone including girl gamers. So, the developers created a maze chase game genre and it was the first to introduce power-ups and those sneaky ghosts had some serious AI going on because they reacted to every move you made.

Pacman Game Experience and Idea

Following that, PacMan has become a cultural phenomenon ever since and there are constant additions to the game like catchy songs and new merchandise as well.

What about Pacman 30th Anniversary?

So, talking about the anniversary event, because the game has been a big hit and has been going on for over 30 years and therefore Google decided to celebrate it and created a fully interactive Pac-Man game on their homepage, and the game was entirely remade from the ground up while taking care of the feel of the original game and graphics. In addition to that, Google also designed a Doodle for the Pacman 30th anniversary full screen which was designed by Marcin Wichary who is currently a UX Designer in the organization.

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Where can you Play Pacman?

So for all those who are interested in playing the game and making a Pacman 30th anniversary highest score, they can visit the game’s website or open and choose a difficulty level and continue with the game.

Where can you Play Pacman

In there they will find that it has been remade like the original Pacman game so that players can get a feel of what the actual game was like, and enjoy the mazes of the game interface. Adding more to that, the game can also be played on CrazyGames which is a 2010 Google Doodle version that celebrates the Pacman 30th Anniversary ending.

Are there any Cheat Codes in Pacman?

So we did a little digging for PacMan 40th Anniversary Cheats but it looks like there are not any specific ones floating around, however, there are some cheats in the 25th Anniversary Edition like extra lives and speed-ups and they could be used in the 25th version but certainly not applicable in the PacMan 30th Anniversary. So if you are up for playing then hit up the game’s website like or pacman-30th, where they have totally revamped the game from scratch while keeping that classic PacMan vibe intact and you can cruise through the maze, chow down on all the goodies and enjoy the gaming experience.

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What is Pacman 30th Anniversary Highest Score?

So, talking about the highest score is 3,333,360 and it can only be attained by eating all the dots, ghosts, and bonus symbols without losing any life and reaching the final round which is the 256th round where the 5 extra men are purposely sacrificed to regenerate the 9 hidden dots on the right side of the split screen that allows for extra 90 points per man sacrificed. Continuing on that, the perfect game ran for more than five hours and there are other platforms that offer Pacman games but have a totally different scoring system.

Why is Pacman so famous and will it Continue to be Loved?

Well, it is very much clear that even though the gaming industry has moved forward and there are many games that offer unique and high graphic visuals, Pacman and its classical vibe will continue to touch the hearts of people and continue to be loved by gamers everywhere in the game. Continuing that, the simple visual and easy gameplay allows players to enjoy the game and experience it.

Final Words on Pacman 30th Anniversary

In conclusion, we would like to say that PacMan game is one of the best games in the gaming world and offers so much in so little, and has a unique feel that allows players to easily play it whenever they want and not use any high-end device as well. Adding to that, Google celebrated PacMan 30th Anniversary in a very unique and pleasant way by adding it to their public interface and allowing users to enjoy the original feel of the game when it was released. So with that, we end our blog and hope that all the things about Pacman are covered here and there is nothing left unsaid.

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