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Parquet is a different type of wood flooring that is processed by arranging small pieces of wood and repeating the same pattern. Parquet flooring is usually done by nailing, stapling or gluing the tiles to the floor. They have three common sizes, nine by 9, 19 by 19, and 12 by 12.

Nowadays, retailers aren’t carrying a huge collection of Parquet tiles, as they are no longer in demand, and at present, there are very limited sources for wood Parquet floor tiles. 

The famous Clearance Parquet Wood flooring manufacturer Bruce has also limited their stock, no longer in demand. If you are the one who loves wood Parquet, then we must say you have to hunt a lot to get the style you want. 

Many people still search for this type of tile as it makes your floor look different and unique compared to others. This is going to be a great option for remodels and restoration as well. If you are confused about which one to choose, then we must suggest you to make your choice carefully, as some people consider it a great choice and some call it outdated.

So, today in this article, we will comprehend the pros and cons of Parquet wood flooring so that it becomes easy for you to choose. 

Pros Of Parquet Wood Flooring.

  • Installation

Parquet wood flooring tiles are easier to install than other tiles because they are just stapled to the subfloor. The breadth of the tiles is very thin, so it becomes easy to cut them with a jigsaw. Most Parquet wood tiles are prefinished; in simple words, you won’t have to varnish the floor.

  • Convenience And Comfort

Parquet wood flooring is very similar to hardwood floors. So like hardwood floors, these tiles are also very soft and warm underfoot, and they are far better than hard flooring material like stone tile and Ceramic. It will be colder and a bit hard than Cork and Luxury Vinyl. Also, it can be noisy, just like other wood floors.

  • Parquet Wood Flooring Cost

It costs between $30 to $50 per square foot. However, if you go for the most common design, you can get it done for just $10 per square foot. According to a survey, it is claimed that it is much cheaper than other tiles.

  • Low Maintenance And Repairing Cost

We all know that wood Parquet flooring is similar to hardwood floors, so the maintenance cost is very low, like a hardwood floor. You can dry mop it with a microfiber mop to clean the floor. You should also clean the floor once a month with a specially designed product for the wood floor. Keep waxes away from your floor to not destroy your factory finish. If you are remodeling it, make sure that you refinish it with the help of professionals so that it looks the same after refinishing it.

  • Design

This type of tile gives a great 3D look, and it also gives your house a bold look after installation. Before choosing any pattern, be sure about it, as many people call it outdated. That is why it is wise to scout for the pattern accordingly. If you are fond of ancient living, this wood Parquet flooring is perfect for you.

Few Other Pros Include

  • Remodeling is possible
  • No initial finishing required
  • Perfect for the people who love the mid-century lifestyle.

Cons Of Parquet Wood Flooring

  • Hard To Find

Nowadays, getting Parquet wood flooring tiles of your choice is next to impossible because many people call it outdated. Few famous wood flooring manufacturers have also stopped manufacturing it.

  • Poor Choice In A Humid, Moist Location

Never mistake using a steam mop on Parquet wood flooring, as the wood can consume all the moisture. Avoid wax and local polishes to keep the factory finished.

A Few More Cons Of Parquet Wood Flooring Include

  • Limited options of refinishing
  • Style is outdated
  • Good patterns can cost a huge amount of money.

The Bottom Line

We have almost discussed all the important points related to Parquet wood flooring. According to the professionals, many wood flooring companies are working hard on their technology, and they will come back soon with a better version of Parquet wood flooring. Before you install Parquet wood flooring, make sure that you consult with all your family members, as everyone doesn’t like 3D bold patterns.

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