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KBC WinnerKBC Winner

Popular KBC Show:

KBC Winner – Bachchan shows also famous by the name of KaunBanegaCrorepati. It is a game of rewards where participants are rewarded with a huge amount of money without any hardworking or time loss you can see the KBC Winner List Online. In the first season of KaunBanegaCrorepati, the reward price was 1 crore Indian rupees.

This is the only reality game show that has a million fans not only in India but throughout the world because it offers an enormous amount of price, also it is the customer care service and the customers are satisfied with it.

The process of entering the game is very simple and it allows more and more Indians to take part in it and earn a challenging price through this game. If you need more money to achieve your life goal then you must try your luck here in the reality game show because it offers you a huge price through which you would be able to achieve your goal.

KBC Became Update:

Today’s time is going to be even more modern so, over time, Kaun Banega Crorepati game show become updated and new features came into it. At the same time, a large crowd of people became a supporter of this reality game show.

With the help of technology, KBC Game changed the style of registration and now it has become an online game show. It has become an easy process for users to play this game. KBC Lottery Number Check Online portal available there. Over time, some new features were introduced in the KBC game show.

  • WhatsApp lottery
  • Imo lottery
  • Sim card Lucky Draw

It means that now you can participate online just from your smartphones through any Indian Sim Card, WhatsApp, and Imo.

Amitabh Host This Show:

If you do not familiar with the name of Amitabh Bachchan let I will tell you Amitabh is a senior Bollywood film actor who acts a lot of films in the Bollywood film industry and also he is a former politician.

KaunBanegaCrorepati has also become very common to everyone because Amitabh Bachchan represents this game show from the very first season. Except for season 3, all the seasons are run by Amitabh Bachchan.

The Reaction Of People Towards KBC:

This reality game show received positive comments from its fan because they are the best choice to them and also become one of the highest rating game show in India. It has become a hope for many Indian people especially for low-income people because of its high price.

KBC helps more people in the region and this is the reason that the number of participants increases day by day. Your lottery number and detail is here KBC Lottery Number Check Online and if you want some detail about winner then visit here KBC Winner List.

Try your luck:

KaunBanegaCrorepati game show also depends on your fortune as you know that this game does not need your Academic record or any special certificate but just you need preparation for the quiz and you cannot even ignore fortune.

How Jio Head Office is linked with KBC:

There are as many online registrations in KBC all are with the help of Jio head office. Jio is a company that provides a mobile network in India. Jio provides landline, internet service, OTT services, and wireless broadband. Jio does not offer 2G or 3G service instead it only supports 4G network.

Jio is not popular only in India but throughout the world. The active subscribers of jio are reached up to 327.29 million in India and 387.5 million around the world and become 3rd position in the world. The employer working for Jioup to 15 to 20 thousand. jio operates in 10 countries.

The jio head office service is very fast and Twenty-four (24) hours a week is available for KBC customers. When you apply for the KBC game show then you may meet fraud people because many people try to mislead this reality game show so if you receive a call or email from such a fraud people then must contact with jio head office it will help you and keep your information safe.

What about tax:

Most people get confused about taxes that will this prize money be taxed or not? So the answer is yes you need to pay tax to the government because this is the government policy but you need to pay only 30 percent tax and the remaining price is yours.

Do you have permission to play?

In this game show, there are some rules and regulations so you must obey in order to play this amazing game. Don’t worry it is simple. Let’s discuss this

Are you Indian if yes then welcome to the game of fortune it’s mean you are eligible

Are you 18 or above years old if yes then don’t miss this chance and apply for KBC.

You need good health and a fit mind.


You look forward to this game visit KBC Winner List these are the people who won the prize. When you register for this game then your lottery will be online KBC Lottery Number Check Online.

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