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This is the best build I have ever made in the history of my Path of Exile gameplay experience. For this, I combined the ideas of the famous YouTuber Fast AF and the modern Ice Trap builders, making it the king of Critical Strike builds like any Fast AF builds. This too, is Pure Glass Cannon. We sacrifice spell suppression to gain double the amount of damage from the Cluster Jewels this time. 

What does this mean for our defenses against spell damage? To our unique advantage as the Assassin, we always have Elusive every time. We hit an enemy with 50 Increased Effect, which is basically flat chance to avoid any damage from hits. This stacks well with our Badge of the Brotherhood, because we have another increased Effect of Elusive with the help of 11 Frenzy Charges and POE Currency. These Charges can only be stable while we are stationary since we are using the Riveted Boots.

Lightning Tendrils

Hence, we can only use a set of skills, which requires us to be stationary while casting this opens up a new meta for underused skills, such as Lightning Tendrils, Shock Nova, Arc, Hydrosphere and many more. This form utilizes all types of harm multipliers, like Basic Strikes, Cast Speed, Gem Levels, Flat Damage, More Multiplier Damage, Increased Damage, Double Damage, Triple Damage, Damage Conversion, Damage Penetration and lastly Curse Effect. 

Aside from Elusive, we also have a basic Evasion that adds an extra layer of avoidance from attacks. I have chosen to buy poe currency and use a set of cheap Forbidden Jewels that grant us Heart stopper from the Trickster, which is not much but like a cherry on top. These are less than two Divine Orbs, because nobody is using them for damage recovery. We are using Life leech. These are our only defenses and because our damage mitigation is very little. A player who has bad skills in dodging hits will hate this build, but a player who is hyperactive will greatly enjoy this build. 


The way how we deal with maps is by using a secondary skill, such as octahit targets far from us. You can choose any Lightning Spell skill that you prefer, when too many foes move point-blank close, such as Influenced or Scourge monsters. We use our primary skill to wipe them into the Oblivion. This comes with practice, but is sure to get your adrenaline spiky and mind hyperactive. You can kill Uber bosses with proper timing and basic practice due to the high damage. You don’t have to endure a lot of the invulnerable circus phases of these bosses. We are using hello device instead of Tempest Shield to poe currency buy to get better clear speed. If you cannot afford a Dialla Malefaction Sage’s Robe as well, you put the plus one Implicit just get a skin of the Lords with the white Socket colors and a build friendly Keystone modifier. 


The most expensive items of Heatshiver Leather Hood and Dialla Malefaction Sage’s Robe with plus one maximum Power Charges, Bottled Faith Flask is also optional. The Passive Tree is very squishy and this is the best I can do the damage from. The large Cluster Jewel is nothing compared to the medium ones. Hence, even if you compromise on the set of nodes on the large one, try not to with the medium ones. These medium Jewels are the secret ingredient of fast ass quick builds. 

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Path Of Exile 2

We are converting all our Lightning Damage to Cold Damage and since we are Critical Strike build with a high base hit damage. Most bosses will be Frozen and stuck to fight back. Make sure to use these flasks with the exact same enchantment as I have given in order to take advantage of a cheap level 4 Enlighten. We need a plus one Implicit on our gloves with the level 3 Enlighten. This is required to get all our Auras. Running each ruler is significant to the build especially Purity of Elements. 

That’s all there is for this build. It can easily be copied because all our items are just uniques. Total cost is estimated to be less than 20 Divine Orbs. If you want to go crazy with Uber bosses like me, get that Dialla Malefaction Sage’s Robe with a plus one Implicit, which is another 50 Divine Orbs. You don’t need this kind of damage. 

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