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Jackpot slots are now a major attraction for slots players, and this is because of the introduction of progressive jackpots and other types of jackpots that offer players huge prizes that can be won on any spin – play slots online. Since the introduction of jackpots on slots, the types of jackpots that can be won have continued to increase. 

Local Jackpots 

Local Jackpots are made up of a prize pool that is formed exclusively by bets placed at one particular casino. This can be a land-based or online casino and the prize fund depends on how many customers the casino attracts. The biggest casino brands have the most customers and therefore the biggest local jackpots. However, if you play at smaller establishments, then pay outs can be quite small. However, local jackpots on slots can still reach a few thousand pounds and this makes them a worthwhile pursuit. 

Jackpot King 

Even though the jackpot King concept that was developed by Blueprint Gaming, is a type of local jackpot, the prizes can be huge because it is also progressive in nature. Again, the Jackpot King pay outs depends on the size of the casino brand and how long it has taken for the jackpot to drop. The Jackpot King works by linking certain slot games at online casinos to a progressive jackpot network. This means that whoever plays on the linked slots, contributes to the three prize pools. The Jackpot King consists of the Royal, Regal and King prize pools. Obviously, the jackpot King is the most sort after and pay outs are regularly over £1 million pounds. 

Progressive Jackpots 

An alternative to smaller local jackpots and the Jackpot King, are progressive jackpots. These differ again locally and depend on the number of players, wagering amounts and the length of time that the jackpot has been waiting to drop. Progressive jackpots can drop randomly or be part of a bonus round such as the bonus wheel in games such as Mega Moolah. 

  •         Local jackpots pay outs are dependent on the size of the casino brand 
  •         Local jackpots tend to be smaller than progressive jackpots 
  •         Local jackpots can be easier to win than progressive jackpots 

Multiple Jackpot Slots 

There is a growing trend in slots games that sees many new games carry multiple jackpots on them. These usually come in the shape of mini, minor, major and grand jackpots. The pay outs are lower here and depend on your staking levels. These jackpots, like local jackpots, are easier to win, but the prizes aren’t usually as big as other jackpots. 

Fixed jackpots 

Fixed jackpots also deliver similar prizes to local jackpots but here the prize pot remains constant and this is why they are called fixed jackpots. The prize fund remains the same no matter how many people are chasing it. 

Final Thoughts 

Jackpot slots are popular because they 1. Offer larger rewards than a standard slot bonus round win. 2. Even winning a local jackpot can be profitable. 3 Some jackpots can make you a millionaire.

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