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Perfect kitchen storage ideas

No one has ever said that they have sufficient kitchen storage area. If you’re someone who feels they’re lacking in the storage space, it is time to put those little nooks and corners of your kitchen to good use. The most recent modular kitchen designs include the below-mentioned smart space-saving options making your kitchen the most strategic and stylish of all. inframe kitchens are also a good choice that make your kitchen more attractive and modern.

Whether you are hoping to construct an entirely new kitchen or revamping your old cooking space, consider the following choices.

Your walls may actually hold far more than you understand. Get a pegboard, paint it to the colour of your choice to match the aesthetic of this kitchen, and begin hanging your pots, pans, or perhaps canisters that can hold utensils. It is a very flexible storage option which is the reason it is included in the latest modular kitchen designs and modifications can be created over time as your needs change.

Reach the Top of your Cabinets: The tops of these kitchen cabinets stay the most ignored areas which actually can be used for storage. You could store lesser-used gadgets, extra pantry supplies, or your stash of special serving platters that you won’t want on a regular basis. Put all of them away in pretty wicker baskets should you worry about how it will look.

Increase Shelf Space: Most Indian kitchen designs these days are all about increasing the available shelf space . Wire shelf risers will help multiply the vertical storage space giving you more space to put all your dishware in one cabinet.

Kings wood n kraft is the leading modular kitchen manufacturer in Delhi NCR.

A simple method to change this is to include large plastic bins which can store your kitchen placemats, table runners or napkins. It’s possible to simply pull on the bins without needing to dig for stuff in the trunk.

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