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Drawbacks Technology

Advantages of Tracking your Pets’ Activity

1) Pet Health Monitoring 

A pet activity tracker allows you to easily monitor your pet’s physical activity levels. This is important because it helps you determine if your pet is receiving enough exercise, or if there have been changes in their behaviour. By monitoring their activity levels, you can adjust their level of exercise accordingly and ensure that your pup is always fit and healthy.

2) Monitor pet’s location

Pet activity trackers can help locate lost pets as well as provide peace of mind for owners who worry about the whereabouts of their furry friends. Not only do they allow owners to keep tabs on their four legged family members physically by tracking steps, trips and journeys taken, it also gives them an idea about whether they have strayed away from home (like around neighbourhood).

3) Activity notifications 

Most trustworthy pet trackers come with features such as ‘activity welcome alerts’ so that when your pet enters an area, the tracker will notify you via an app on your smartphone device. 

This alert brings owners back into real-time contact with their loved ones even if they are busy with work or out shopping for groceries, so it adds security too at some level.

4) Connectivity 

Many more advanced models allow owners to connect multiple trackers so that all family members and caretakers can view a single dashboard that shows the arrival, departure times, duration and timestamps of each visit. 

These features add another layer of convenience and control over pets movements as parents are not always around for daily supervision – these systems help out extensively in such scenarios.

Drawbacks of getting the Trackers

1) Cost – While these devices offer many helpful features, they can also be costly investments for those on a budget since they may have to purchase expensive yearly subscription plans. The cost of a good quality unit in itself is also a lot more than what typical people may want to pay for electronic items.

2) Accuracy – While most devices claim accuracy up to a certain distance, real life tests showed discrepancies dependent on user’s range settings while using GPS tracking systems. Users should keep this in mind when dealing with complex digital and technological solutions.

3) Age restrictions – Pet tracking devices are most effective when used on dogs over 6 months old because older dogs tend to stay within boundaries better than puppies do. However, certain breeds like Terriers and Australian Shepherds may not require as much attention as Maltese puppies which are smaller breeds due to less movement capabilities. 

Hence, take all factors into consideration when deciding to get a device.

4) Hazardous material – Some companies may use hazardous materials like mercury integrated into the device, which may cause skin allergies.


Although there are some drawbacks associated with a pet activity tracker (cost, accuracy concerns), the benefits could far outweigh any issues. As long as you pay close attention, then these could make great additions to your pet’s life, ensuring peace of mind twenty four seven, hassle-free.

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