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The widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have not all been negative; despite reports of job losses and business closures, increased interest in entrepreneurship is one of the positive outcomes to have come out of the pandemic over the past two years.

In the past, people only started businesses when they saw an opportunity, but the pandemic made this phenomenon more popular. Demand for remote communication and digital marketing services is largely driving new business ventures, which is why entrepreneurs like Philip Portman have come up with platforms like Textdrip, a business texting platform that keeps all the stakeholders in the field of insurance, mortgage, real estate, and solar sales connected during testing times.

There is no shortage of conventional opportunities to start businesses but with the current economic situation, self-employment is becoming a more appealing option than other conventional options for many people.

This change shows how new and aspiring business owners are changing the entire outlook of entrepreneurship. Almost anyone with a business idea can now start and market a business thanks to the internet and available advanced technologies as a whole. It is not necessary to have traditional offices or storefronts to conduct business, which increases the possibility of home-based or hybrid entrepreneurship.
For centuries, entrepreneurship has been an integral part of society.

Technology, on the other hand, and the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic have made self-employment and business ownership more appealing career options. Entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of being able to adapt to constant change as established systems and structures become less and less viable. As more people are benefiting from technology’s reach, the path to self-employment is also becoming more disparate. Entrepreneurs are looking for meaning and purpose in their professional careers, not just a paycheck and the current entrepreneurial opportunities are meeting that requirement.

To sum it up, countries around the world are in for a compelling opportunity given the recent uptick in entrepreneurial activity. In addition to the crucial part entrepreneurs play in improving rural quality of life and community identity, communities are poised to utilize the advantages of entrepreneurship, which include economic stability, poverty alleviation, income growth, and job growth.

There is no question that the pandemic has had a significant impact on entrepreneurship, with many individuals starting new businesses and numerous established businesses failing to survive. However, some business owners like Philip Portman are successfully seizing emerging and new opportunities, in the field of digital marketing.

The successful Michigan-based entrepreneur, Portman, who started his business from scratch is fully aware of the challenges entrepreneurs face in today’s extremely competitive environment and has helped numerous aspiring entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses by providing valuable business advice.

Apart from setting up Textdrip, Portman is also the founder of its sub-branch and an Applicant Tracking System RecruitDrip, which he established with the purpose of facilitating recruiters by automating their recruitment process which would not only make the hiring process smooth and convenient but would also help them in the identifying the right talent quickly.

He also established a SaaS company called Landline Remover in 2022, which helps separate landline numbers from mobile numbers. Other than that, he also laid the foundation of the software development firm, Argos Automation in 2018, which offers customers an interface to deal with and manage clients smoothly and broadly. Lastly, he established Success Is, a podcast-based show that is broadcasted on social media platforms where special guests are invited and interviewed about their business ventures and journey.

Through his different business platforms and ventures, Portman wants to provide a set of services that offer an easy solution for marketing customers by automation and texting. Portman who resides in Holly, Michigan with his wife Audra Portman and two sons Athan and Ares, has created an ideal work-life balance by managing his businesses and family matters with perfection.

Nowadays, it is much simpler to become an entrepreneur than it was traditionally as it is now a lot easier to cultivate professional connections and a customer following thanks to mass communication and digital marketing platforms like Textdrip, RecruitDrip, and various other technologies. One can accomplish almost anything if they plan well and have enough ambition and therefore it is not surprising that so many people who used to work as employees are starting their businesses as entrepreneurs just like Portman.

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