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Music can heal and soothe your heart and can help people develop a skill. It allows people to channel their creativity. When you get trained with multiple piano styles, you automatically become a better piano player. Are you in two minds about the piano style that you should opt? If yes, you need to know about yamaha piano in Sigapore music types and know about famous artists associated with piano art forms.

However, it is essential to get in touch with a music school that will help you become an ace piano artist. For this, you can search for Grace Music School near me.

The different types of piano lessons

  • Classical Piano

During 1750 and 1820, the classical piano genre comprised royalty and the elite class in Europe. The famous composers who encouraged people to delve into classical piano are Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. With the passage of years, classical piano witnessed a shift in essence from the renaissance to romantic and then as a baroque art form. The famous artists who made this music form popular include Handel, Chopin, Wagner, and Haydn.

Today, more students are opting in for classical piano lessons. It is a powerful technique and comes with a solid music theory. It is the primary lesson every student should have. If a student doesn’t understand classical piano, they can’t get trained in other types of the piano lesson. The majority of other piano lessons got branched from this genre of the piano. One of the classical piano artists is Cliburn, who has inspired several piano students to date.

  • Theatre piano

Piano and theatre walk hand in hand! It is a popular musical instrument that gets widely used in theatre. Pianos have helped in shaping musical theatre. The musical theatre accompanists should be highly versatile and visionaries. Also, the lyrical theatre pianists often search for work and perform in the pit band shows. Similarly, they can also keep working as accompanists with the singers when there are auditions.

Do you want to train in this piano genre? If yes, before enrolling into a music school, you need to listen to some of the classical Broadway composers and artists. Some of the famous names include Rodgers & Hart and Gershwin. You can also come across famous Broadway composers like Andrew Lloyd Webber and Steven Schwartz. And as you get enrolled in the classes, you can listen to famous pianists like Jason Robert Brown, who had a significant influence in writing and performing in musical theatre.

  • Jazz Piano

1918 is when jazz piano got popular! There were famous pianists like Jelley Roll Morton and Fats Waller, who’ve had a significant impact on musicians. These artists performed in the jazz piano scene in New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. Jazz piano was considered a rebellious music expression, and it evolved from classic processes, harmony, and rhythms. This piano genre includes rhythmic patterns, ragtime, boogie-woogie, attractive melodies, swing, and improvisation. During the time of The Great Depression, people found ample solace and peace in this form of piano. Jazz piano also marked an important name in history where the African-Americans, Europeans, Asians, and Latinos used to come together for American music’s essence.

Most music schools providing piano lessons will encourage you to listen to famous jazz pianists like Joplin and Morton. Artists like Herbie Hancock is also an inspiration for most. You can check some of his favorite albums like Head Hunters and Possibilities.

  • Pop and rock piano

This genre of piano commenced back in the 50s and gradually got incorporated into pop and rock songs. In the 70s, piano artists made use of the keyboard and composed electric sounds. It is challenging to get trained in rock and pop piano. The best teachers in a music school near you will design a rigorous training course. However, it is one of the famous and renowned piano genres globally.

People who get trained in this piano type has the best paying jobs. You can play for cover bands, touring performances, and session recordings. Several students also learn and play at wedding events. Once your training is over, you can explore various techniques and find the style you want to specialize in.

However, before you want to opt-in for a formal lesson, take time to listen to some of the artists who made this piano form famous. You can get inspired to learn about a few performance tricks as well. Some of the prominent names to count on include Elton John and Billy Joel.

As a music student, you might want to learn one or more than one type of piano lessons. Today, you can get enrolled at the best music schools near you and leverage your piano lessons. However, it is wise to get trained in classical piano and then opt-in for other piano types. It is also essential that you schedule your lessons accordingly and hone up your skill.


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