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Whenever it comes to sex, the thumb rule that comes into the row is being wet. No matter how much you enjoy it, the wetter it is, the better the fun becomes. And sex lubricants are the best.  If we associate with the dryness out there, then this is the right time to get one. Instead of thinking about a smoother skin, or all-around sex, you should focus on being perfectly wet. Well, there’s no need to consider your age, gender, or life stage in this. Remember, nothing is better than lube for improving sex life. Here’s a brief guide that will help you to know it better.

Natural lubricants for sex

There is a majority that uses coconut or a similar oil as a lube. No doubt, it works great, but it somehow has a hygiene risk as hand-dipping is involved in it. And if we consider the food-based lubes, there are chances that they might ruin the condoms along with upsetting the body’s natural bacteria. So, for the sake of your private areas, don’t just even go with petroleum jelly. It might cause severe irritation and can affect the natural pH levels producing infections. Certainly, it is better to opt for organic lubricants that are vegan and cruelty-free. You can browse few of options online too.

Silicone-based lubricants

They are known for their water-resistant properties and being long-lasting. They are safe to use with sex toys. The risk that comes in is that silicone might react with itself and can ruin the flow. You have to make sure that you have to store them separately from the silicone toys. Due to their gliding qualities, silicone-based lubricants are far better for anal sex, but don’t forget to check before buying a one, that it is condom-safe or not.

Water based lubricants 

Water-based lubricants are also brilliant as they also don’t react with sex toys and condoms. You can consider them a safe option too. It prevents any reaction/infection and can be reactivated easily with a drop of water. And yes, they are convenient as well. The only drawback they have is that you need to reapply it several times.

Hybrid lubes 

These lubes come as a combination of silicone and water. Hybrid lubes are known to be the best lubricants for sex as they are slippy, long-lasting, comfy, and safe to use with condoms and sex toys though they are suitable enough, remember to do a small check for the brand you purchase. 

Before making the final choice, make sure that you read these helpful tips that will help you in the long run.


  • If you have any yeast infection, then avoid using any silicone-based lubricants for sex, and even the ones with glycerin. 
  • If you are chemically sensitive, then choose paraben-free lubricants only. 
  • If you want to try anal sex, then thicker lubricants with silicone can be a great tool.
  • Remember not to use natural lubricants with condoms and silicone-based lubricants with sex toys.

In a nutshell, choosing a lube is not an easy task, so ensure to pick the most effective. And never forget that even the best lubricants for sex also expire, so check the expiration date everytime before using it.

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