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If you believe your child is not reasonably old enough for superheroes style parties, well, think once again, as our PJ Masks characters will be ideal for them. PJ Masks is a character for little kids that feature many superheroes that they’ll almost certainly be known after watching the cartoons.

Hire one of our PJ Masks party characters for our child-themed party, and they will be overawed when Cat Boy, Owlette, or Gekko make their appearance at their party. They will love our PJ Masks characters because it is as electrifying as any episode of the PJ Masks TV series. 

About PJ Masks characters 

PJ Masks has three main characters who’re normal children during the day but turn into superheroes at night, and their only mission is to stop crime during the night so that the victims of the criminals do not wake up to have a wrong time.

Every protagonist has a different power. Owlette has augmented vision with wings to help her fly. Cat boy has increased hearing and speed while Gekko can turn invisible. All three are kept very busy and combating the bad guys as there’re no shortages of villains in the PJ Masks series. 

PJ Mask Characters Party Ideas

Your birthday party provides your superhero guests with a chance to work together to accomplish their mission, with music, series of interactive games, and plenty of fun. All are tailored to your kid’s age and are highly interactive, with the birthday kind being the center of attention in the PJ Mask Characters Party.

Themed games

Your birthday party will be crowded with games such as parachutes, sack racing games, pass the parcel, as well as unique musical statues. They will also be plenty of dance and music. And our PJ Mask party characters for rent come from a performance background, so this will form a considerable part of the theme party.

  • Superhero Training

You can get training to become a superhero. Your birthday party host will teach your guests how to move just like them. They will be taught all they need to save the world!

  • Mini face paints and glitter tattoos 

During a break for lunch, your entertainer will also apply glitter tattoos or small face paints. Afterward, there’ll be time for more fun games, cake cutting, and of course, the magical wish for their big day.

  • Catapult game

The ultimate test of your superhero’s agility! Bean bags or water balloons are catapulted into the air. Only the fastest will be capable of catching them.

PJ Mask kid’s birthday party characters rapidly get the party progressing be cheering your guests to get active with some training PJ Mask Characters style then when the children stand still long enough, there’ll be face painting and wash off tattoos events. It would not be a kid’s party celebration without plenty of games, so there’ll be lots of those, too also some dance, music, and PJ Masks games. Whether you hire one or the whole PJ masks characters, your child’s birthday will be unbelievable action-packed fun.



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