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Places to look for Pug puppies for sale in 2022Places to look for Pug puppies for sale in 2022

Scams abound on the Internet, don’t rule out pug breeders. Many online sellers claim to breed healthy, purebred puppies and end up delivering unhealthy or mixed breed puppies. Some disappear after getting paid.

To avoid these scams, it is important to find a reputable puppy breeder who can guarantee your money’s worth. Fortunately, here is a list of some of the most trusted breeders in the country to lighten the burden of research and background checks.

Top Places to look for Pug puppies for sale in 2022

1. Pug Pickwick – Alabama

Pickwick bugs were started as a small hobby and kennel breed in 1990 by Dr. Jeffrey and Amy McClelland, both of whom have a passion for the breed.

As members of the Pug Dog Club of America, the Birmingham Obedience Training Club, and many other registered clubs, they are committed to producing purebred pugs that are in good physical health and wellbeing.

Their pugs are AKC registered and champion dog breeds from both America and Europe. Their pug puppies for sale are well trained and socialized early in the breeder’s home.

2. Casa Blanca Bugs – Michigan

Awarded Breeder of the Year by the Pug Dog Club of America in 2017, Casa Blanca produces world-class dogs and champions.

In the span of 30 years, one of the owners, Barry Clothier, has produced numerous champions and Best in Specialty winners and has handled them to win over 150 Best in Show.

The co-owner has also raised champions from around the world since 2003. Together they created Casa Blanca Pugs to show their passion for the breed.

With their amount of experience, they only ensure that the dogs they sell come from the best pedigree and that they are in the best of health. Their dogs are tested for encephalitis, patella, hip dysplasia, and eye diseases.

3. Green Valley Clay – Arkansas

Green Valley Pugs is another reputable Arkansas Pug breeder committed to raising healthy Pug dogs.

They assure customers that all of their pugs come with a two-year genetic health guarantee and first shots of necessary vaccinations. The worms are also dewormed and thoroughly examined by a veterinarian.

Aside from the typical genetic screening, pug dogs for sale are also tested for heart problems. They also aim to get all of their young ones certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for other bone and joint issues.

4. Sharp Pugs – Illinois

The Sharp Pugs started as a family endeavor in 2017 to share their appreciation for the Pug breed. They provide beautiful, healthy Pugs to various owners and families in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Through every effort their family members put in, they can keep each Pug and their parents and care for them.

The process of buying a puppy from a Pug breeder is simple and involves reading and accepting their policies, filling out a questionnaire, and scheduling a home visit.

5. Harmony Bugs – Texas

The owner of Harmony Pugs began participating in Pug show competitions as early as 1990. She started her kennel in 2008 and has been producing healthy, high quality puppies ever since. It strives to breed pugs that adhere to the AKC standard.

While other Pug dogs for sale may be dog display items, their puppies are designed to be wonderful home companions. They all grew up in her home in Texas Hill County.

Top Places to Look for Fawn pug puppies for sale in 2022

Pinnacle Bugs – Min

Pinnacle Pugs is a Maine breeder who specializes in raising healthy, healthy-minded, and performing Pugs that fit the ideal standard.

Britney Coleman, the woman behind this sanctuary, has been passionate about Pugs for over two decades. She has been a member of the Pug Dog Club of the America since 2009 as well as the Patriot Pug Dog Club.

The mission of her breeding program is to make the health of a pug a top priority above her appearance. She also focuses on giving them early training so that the puppies become a suitable and adaptable companion in the family.

Tipping Point Farm – Ohio

Tipping Point Farm prides itself on having the largest variety of color clay in the United States.

As of now, they have included these colors in their breeding program. These are white, black, brown, merle, silver, gray, apricot, black, pink and much more.

The Kennel is headed up by Michelle Branning, who began breeding pugs full time in 2012. She is dedicated to producing not only uniquely colored pugs, but most importantly, in the best of health.

All Fawn pug puppies for sale will have up-to-date vaccinations and deworming before they are moved to their new home. The price of each puppy will depend on its standard or rare color. Rare colors are more expensive.

They encourage buyers to pick up a new puppy from their Ohio farm, but they can also make airline arrangements in case they are unable to come.

Baxter Family Bugs – Oklahoma

Run by a small family in Oklahoma, Baxter Family Bugs is a breeder that practices a safe and supervised breeding program. The purebred pug dogs they sell come in black and white and they are all AKC and ACA registered.

Like the previously mentioned breeders, their dogs are also tested for common birth defects and other conditions.

Pregnant pugs are well pampered and placed in a clean, safe nursery before birth. The puppies are then examined by a vet and dewormed before the vaccine is given. As the puppies grow, they will be pre-pampered and mixed with other babies and dogs.

The price of each puppy varies according to its breed. Potential buyers can make the puppy reservations by making a fixed deposit.

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