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Online Canadian pharmacy is a life savior for many people as it offers the necessary medications at low prices. But, are you getting the medication from a licensed pharmacy? If you fail to weed out the fraudulent online pharmacy while purchasing medication, it increases your risk of getting medicines of low quality. The chances of ending up with drugs containing no medicinal, harmful, or wrong ingredients increases. When you take such medications, it may not cause any changes to your health or your underlying health condition can get worse. Some people who have purchased medication from spam pharmacies online have suffered an adverse reaction to the medicines. Spamming sites posing like online pharmacies can also steal your personal and banking information. In Canada, an online pharmacy gets its license from the provincial and territorial pharmacy regulatory authorities who are members of NAPRA (National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities).

Factors Pointing To Fraudulent Online Pharmacy

You may have seen online pharmacies with claims of having a valid license from the Canadian pharmacy regulatory authority. But, are the claims true? You can suspect an online pharmacy of not having a proper license when it

  • Does not ask you for a valid prescription for the medication
  • Offer medicines promising a miracle cure for serious health conditions
  • Provide medication at unbelievably low prices or offer huge discounts
  • Never offer you the physical business address
  • Has location outside Canada
  • Offers free shipping of medication worldwide

Steps To Take To Choose A Safe Online Canadian Pharmacy

You have several steps to check the legitimacy of the online pharmacy you select to buy the medications. Here are the two main methods to authenticate the online pharmacy:

Online Pharmacies With Canadian Address

When you choose an online pharmacy with a Canadian street address, then you can check with the pharmacy regulatory authority of the particular territory or province. It will help you detect if the pharmacy is licensed. To complete this process, you need to access the business address of the online pharmacy. The business website has all the information on the Home page or the Contact Us page. Gather additional information like the pharmacy license numbers, contact number, and email address. Now, go to the pharmacy regulatory authority for the territory or province’s website where the online pharmacy has its business established to check its license to operate.  So, if the online pharmacy has provided a Quebec address as its location, then access the pharmacy regulatory authority of Quebec to check if the pharmacy has a license.

Online Pharmacies With No Canadian Address

Canadian online pharmacies with no address provided, you can access the Pharmacy Verified Websites Program to check if the website is legitimate or not. Pharmacy Verified Websites is the American program allowing the customers to identify the legitimate and safe online pharmacies for peace of mind while buying medications. It is the program administered by the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy), the American counterpart of NAPRA to identify the legitimate online pharmacies.

Any Canadian pharmacy business or organization planning to offer reliable service to the customers need to obtain the domain name of the pharmacy by applying through the Pharmacy Verified Websites. It is the most-trusted method to identify safe and legitimate online platforms offering medications to the public.

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