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Plants are good for your soul and for your productivity during the day. While keeping plants alive requires dedication, they give back in ways that make the investment worthwhile. For starters, having plants around while you’re working lowers stress levels and promotes a sense of calm. Creating a mini garden in your office can also keep your spirits up, regardless of what your workday throws at you. This is because plants generally fulfill our need to connect with nature.

Whether you’re going to the office every day or you’re working from home, plants can help reduce the stress that comes with the average day at work. In this way, they can help you get your work done faster and create a tranquil environment while you work.

While it’s true that taking care of a small office garden helps with productivity, the work that goes into looking for a specific plant and then keeping it alive can be discouraging. Even if you’re not trying to create an indoor jungle, being a plant parent can be involving. After all, you need to do focused research to find out what this plant needs to stay alive. This includes watering it and trimming it when needed. It also includes shopping for the right tools to take care of your plant.

It’s for this exact reason that Plant Swag Shop exists – to take the hassle out of shopping for your plants and taking care of them.

What exactly is Plant Swag Shop?

Plant Swag Shop is an online houseplant shop that is home to the biggest variety of plants in the US. With greenhouses in California and Florida, they can easily serve clients in both the east and west coast. Thanks to their careful packaging, your plant arrives in great shape, healthy, and happy. This shop is on a mission is to plant more trees to aid in reforestation and provide people with an opportunity to connect closer to nature through plants.

When you buy a subscription box from Plant Swag Shop, you receive your plant with a bamboo plant stake complete with a detailed list of care instructions. Once you’ve signed up for this box, you get a new plant every month or every quarter, depending on what you want. Since the plants come with a detailed set of care instructions for each plant, you don’t need to worry about what you need to do to keep your new plant baby alive.

The inspiration behind Plant Swag Shop

It’s no secret that many people love plants and would love to have them in their homes and workspaces. However, the challenge is finding the right variety that fits the décor and the indoor light requirements. While you can buy houseplants at the big box store or a local nursery, the same issue always comes up. There isn’t enough variety to pick from, and pests can be prevalent. After several shopping trips, you may end up feeling frustrated and give up on getting the plant you initially had in mind.

This is now changing, thanks to Plant Swag Shop. This company was founded to address the lack of variety in houseplants. By visiting their online store, you can get any variety of pest-free house plants. In addition to indoor plants, they also have a vast variety of outdoor plants for your garden.

Any plant parent will tell you that taking care of an indoor plant can be a struggle. The care and patience you need to put in to have a healthy collection of beautiful indoor plants can be challenging. Plant Swag Shop makes this much easier with their subscription box package. Each subscription box comes with resources that help you to start and maintain an indoor garden of your dreams.

The goal at Plant Swag Shop

In addition to giving consumers access to a variety of plants, Plant Swag Shop is also committed to planting more trees to aid in reforestation. They’re doing this by partnering with tree planting charity organizations like One Tree Planted.

To double their efforts in building a greener world, they are expanding into the corporate gifting sector. Now, employers can give their employees indoor plants as gifts. These plants come with an added bonus – they help companies minimize their carbon footprint by cleansing the indoor air and keeping your company top of mind.

What’s unique about Plant Swag Shop?

Plant Swag Shop takes the hassle out of starting a home garden with a subscription box that comes with a different plant of the month including plant care instructions, bamboo plant stake, wrapped in a beautifully curated box. Besides offering you a variety of plants to choose from, they also offer a remarkable customer experience.

Who’s behind Plant Swag Shop?

Plant Swag Shop was founded by Amber Day, who has leveraged over 15 years of experience in driving business development and marketing initiatives for today’s top SaaS organizations, as well as top consumer brands. She is on a mission to make the world a greener place with Plant Swag Shop by filling a void in the home and garden space and bringing life into homes through a direct-to-consumer greenhouse model.

Amber has always been a lover of plants. As a plant mom, she knows how frustrating it can be to find a large selection of healthy thriving plants and even some of those popular rare IG favorites like the Philodendron Pink Princess. She was inspired to launch Plant Swag Shop to meet the needs of other people looking for a variety of plants without the hassle of going to the garden store to only choose from a handful available in their region. She has a best-in-class team including top level horticulturist’s, customer service experts, and fulfillment specialists to provide a top-notch experience when shopping plants online.

How it works

Establishing an indoor garden with potted plants is relatively easy thanks to Plant Swag Shop. Since they have two greenhouses and an e-commerce platform, buying a houseplant from them isn’t complicated. If anything, it’s a lot easier than sourcing it from the big box store or the local garden near you.

To buy a plant or a variety from them, simply visit their official site. On this site, you’ll find a variety of indoor plants in various categories including:

  • Air Purifying Plants
  • New Arrivals
  • Pet Friendly
  • Succulent and Cacti
  • Houseplant Bundles
  • Easy Care
  • Best Sellers
  • Low-light plants
  • Air plants

There’s also a curated section of plants that would make perfect gifts This section includes:

  • Perfect plant gifts
  • Houseplant bundles
  • Plant subscription boxes

Under each category, you’ll find a variety of plants to choose from. You can simply tap on the options you like and add them to your shopping cart. When you’re done with shopping, you can check out and have your goods delivered.

Why do plants make good corporate gifts?

In business, the type of corporate gifts you send to your partners, employees, and prospects matters a lot. Once you realize that, choosing your corporate gifts can be a bit stressful. Thankfully, Plant Swag Shop has got perfect gifts for you to choose from. Giving a plant as a gift always makes an impression and says a lot about your company. Besides serving as interior décor, plants also help in improving work productivity.

The corporate package also supports branding services by placing your logo on the planter. With this option, you can personalize your plant to surprise the recipient even more and keep your company top of mind amongst your employee’s, business prospects, and partners.

Do you need a house plant?

The thought of getting houseplants can be scary at first. However, the benefits far outweigh the liabilities. While they can be handy when it comes to indoor décor, the major benefit that plants offer is toxin elimination. Indoor air is often filled with common toxins from the products we use daily. Houseplants do a good job at eliminating the following toxins:

  • Xylene – found in the paint, tobacco smoke, and nail polish
  • Ammonia – found in fertilizers and cleaning products
  • Formaldehyde – found in synthetic fabrics, wood products, serviettes, and tissues
  • Benzene – found indetergents, vehicle exhaust, lubricants, and adhesive
  • Trichloroethylene – found in household cleaners, varnishes, and paint

Additional benefits of keeping a houseplant

  • Helps lower mental stress
  • Improves your focus and attention on whatever you’re doing
  • Creates a therapeutic environment
  • Helps you with quick recovery from various illnesses
  • Improves the general outlook of your living or workspace

Give your office space new life today

The Plant Swag Shop understands how important a green space is for productivity and mental health. This is why they’ve made finding your next plant and starting your own indoor garden so easy. If you’re a plant lover and you want to enjoy the benefits of working in a green space, you can shop for your next plant on the Plant Swag Shop website. You can also follow Plant Swag Shop on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on new plant collections.

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