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You may not have ever given thought to poker chips and the numerous ways they can be used for promoting your brand. All types of businesses need a way to market their brand and using poker chips as business cards is a great way to stand out amongst your competitors. Traditional paper business cards often get lost, damaged, or thrown away.  Poker chips do not get discarded the same way and for that reason can serve as an effective business card that will promote your business uniquely.

Customers will perceive the value when you hand over these fun, creative business cards. Custom-made poker chips are used by thousands of small businesses and sales personnel for promoting their companies creatively and relentlessly. It is important to be careful when buying customized poker chips so that you do not end up being disappointed.

Quality customized poker chips is key

If you are looking for the best quality custom poker chips, Poker Chip Universe is the only company that allows you to stand out and make the best impression on your customers. Located in California, they offer superb quality  poker chips business cards that are heavyweight, colorful, and double sided.

Poker chip business cards showcase your logo and all relevant contact information in such a way that paper business cards just won’t be able to do. Poker Chip Universe poker chips are available in 10 colors and logos can be printed on both sides.

How can customized poker chips be used at work?

Apart from using them as business cards, there are many other ways that poker chips can be utilized. Such uses include:

  • They can be used as a website ad where you can encourage people to check your site with a poker chip.
  • They can act as a promo offer where personalized poker chips can be used and redeemed by clients as opposed to a coupon.
  • They can act as a membership card in lieu of laminated paper cards that can’t withstand the wear and tear of regular use.
  • They can be used as motivators and challenge coins, helping to build team spirit and renewing the focus of team members.
  • Custom-made poker chips can be used in fairs, exhibitions, and conferences as tabletop confetti that could help in making your display booth more engaging and appealing.

Poker chips can be used for personal reasons too!

Personalized poker chips are not just limited to professional purposes. They can be used for many personal reasons too.  Such uses include making a big announcement, as an invite to a party, as a photo souvenir where a picture can be printed on the poker chip, as a missing piece in a game, a golf ball spotter or as party decor.

Poker Chip Universe will design your poker chip business card for free. All you need to do is call or email and they will get you started on your customized business poker chips. Get your winning ideas with customized poker chips that will leave a lasting impression every time!

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