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Popular Chair Designs to Jazz up Your Home

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After the sofa, a chair is one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture. Over the years the chair designs have evolved tremendously. Now, you have trendier options to explore. However, for years these statement pieces have preserved their cult status. They are an elegant addition to your seating furniture.

Here is a rundown of most coveted chair styles.

  1. The Recliner

Recliner chairs are among the most sought after pieces. The recliners are perfect for relaxing and stretching out legs. These comfy chairs can be placed in your living room as well as in the bedroom. By providing you comfortable seating and reclining these chairs double up as bedroom furniture

  1. Club chair

Club chair is an armchair with leather upholstery. This chair style dates back to the 19th century. The club chair is distinguishable by a deep seating and nailhead trim. This particular chair style is now available in several fabric types and colors. When complemented with an accent sofa these chairs look amazing.

  1. Wingback Chair

A wingback chair features broad side panels referred to as wings. This classic chair has unique tall –back and formal design aesthetics. These chairs are typically larger than conventional chairs; therefore, they are not apt for flexible seating requirements. Regarding wings, earlier there used to be two prominent styles- flat and scroll- but now you can find a lot more.

  1. The Chaise Lounge

The term chaise longue is a French term for “long chair.” This particular chair style has been in use since Egyptian times. The chaise lounge features and slanted back and has enough space to support legs. This chair boasts luxurious comfort and is best for curling up a book while resting. The chaise lounge can adorn your living room and other areas including outdoor patios.

  1. Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is an armless upholstered chair with short legs. Due to their shortened legs, these chairs sit closer to the ground. With compact size and profile, these chairs are ideal for those looking for space-efficient options. Generally, these chairs have a long back and are a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles. 

  1. Parsons Chair

Another addition to the armless chair category is Parsons chair. These chairs boast a simple yet bold design that is recognizable by high-backed support. What makes this chair fascinating is its simplistic design aesthetics. It can go well with any kind of décor. These pieces make a great option as additional seating in a living room.

  1. Chair-and-a-Half 

This is an oversized chair that offers extremely comfortable seating. However, this chair is a little smaller than a loveseat sofa. The Chair-and-a-Half design is best suited to adorn compact spaces that cannot accommodate both a sofa and chair. While this versatile chair style is ideal for relaxing while enjoying your favorite tunes, reading, and watching television. 

These are just a few fractions of styles. You have got ample of choice for different chair designs. So, narrow down your choices and pick the one that speaks you best. 

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