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In the digital world, online casino slots are one of the most popular casino games for fun and gambling. Everyone thinks that playing slots is always gambling. But slots can be a fun game to play online as well because we don’t need to pay or gamble to play for our own fun. Even slot can generate income for the players very well. Believe that the online gambling industry players must know each other very well because slots are a game that has been going on for a long time.

Nowadays, with increasing slots game popularity, many slot games are available in Japanese online casinos like “Moon Princess,” “Starbust,” and “Gonzo Quest.” In Japanese オンカジ (Onkaji) casino, the games have been developed and adjusted to be the more comfortable table and interesting. Easier to play, more accessible, more playful it has better picture and sound.

Whatever; thousands or even some online casinos of the slot are a daunting task to choose your favorite slot. That’s why the article will introduce casinos recommended for playing slots, slots recommended for beginners, and slots popular with the Japanese player.

Basic specification of online casino “Moon Princess” slot:

As a slot recommended for Japanese people, Play’s GO’s Moon Princess is definitely a must-have. Since its release, it has been receiving a lot of attention from Japanese players. Moon Princess is a game modeled on a beautiful girl warrior familiar in Japan, and three princesses show off various abilities during the game.

Even more, the moon-themed slot machine “Moon Princess” is inspired by the design of the Japanese anime scene and offers a unique slot that mixes classic anime style with high-octane casino games.

Actually, it is a highly game-friendly slot and has explosive power with a multiplier of up to 20 times. The Moon Princess slot machine has a particular reel layout based on a 5×5 grid that drops 25 symbols each time you spin, giving you even more wins.

Basic specification of online casino ‘Starbust’ slot:

Starbust is one of the most prominent slots in online casinos from Netent. It’s simple and easy to understand with no scatters or bonus games, making it the perfect slot to play for the first time in a casino. This Online Slot is a 5-reel slot machine with ten pay lines and Winbosway features, making it a 20 pay line game.

Inspired by the bright lights of the 1980s arcade, Starbust’s bold graphics, and space-themed soundtrack will make players feel like they’re back in the arcade. Despite being a simple slot, Starbust slot machines have three exciting bonus features that give players of all financial strength the chance to win big bucks.

In regular slot games, payouts are paid when three or more patterns are aligned from the left, but in Starbust, payouts from both the left and right sides are useful, so it is relatively easy to win.

Basic specification of online casino “Gonzo Quest” slot:

Gonzo’s Quest is a video slot where you can get a big payout before you know it, with beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, and an interesting uncle. It is a grid type (Puyo Puyo type falling object type) video slot and is equipped with a system called “Avalanche Multiplier,” so the more small roles you win in a row, the more money you will earn.

Indeed, it’s an adventure story in which an uncle explores ancient ruins and aims for treasure by himself, but he suddenly starts dancing and screaming, so when you get a big dividend, you’re me? (Laughs) There is no doubt that you will feel a sense of intimacy!

During the free spins, the multipliers are 3x, 6x, 9x, and 15x, and the explosive power is so nonstandard that anyone can quickly get a big prize. It has the potential to make you feel like.

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