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The power bank is completely an extra battery that is especially used for mobile phones, USB devices, cameras, portable speakers and a lot more. Power banks help in specialized battery with a special case or a body that controls the special power flow into the devices that you have connected the power bank. You can simply keep the charge on the power bank. These portable power banks help you to store the electrical energy and then later on you can withdraw that power by connecting to the devices. People generally use these power banks for charging their mobile devices.

These best power banks have become very popular when it comes to charging the phones, tablets, media players, as we spend our day’s most of the time with these gadgets. You can also keep the device nearby and top up the device from a far place as well. You can use this power bank to charge any device which can be practically connected with the USB devices. Connecting USB devices with your gadgets is quite very easy.

There are many types of power bank that you can simply use it for your own. You have to choose your own power bank when it comes to buying a power bank. See the mAH of the power bank that you are purchasing it from the store or online.

Pros of Power Bank

Yet there are many advantages to using these portable power banks. You must surely know them.

  • It is very useful when you don’t have a power supply at home or you are unable to charge your device, especially your phone.
  • The power bank batteries are very high powered. Hence, it can charge your unpowered device instantly. Of course, it depends on the mAH that your battery has. Remember, you need to buy a power bank that has more mAH than your device’s battery.
  • These power banks can charge your device or the gadget twice or thrice the mAH power.
  • You can attach the USB port and it will keep going and getting re-charged with the help of a laptop, this becomes very useful when you are traveling
  • They are very convenient, especially when you are traveling.

Cons of power bank

Of course, every tech stuff has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must understand them.

  • Battery gets drained quickly if used regularly. You must not use the portable power bank for a long time, it will decline the battery life of your smartphone.
  • Sometimes, a heavy power bank can weigh more than you’re other stuff in your backpack. It becomes difficult to carry it everywhere.
  • If it’s huge, then you will still have a problem to carry it everywhere.


Power banks are always an advantage when it comes to charging your device. But make sure that you don’t charge it always and all the time. It will start draining both the power bank and mobile’s battery. Hence, you need to choose the power bank according to the capacity of the battery.

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