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Finding the best countertops type and style for your home could be confusing and time-consuming. Any website you visit will give you the different options to select a counterpart’s material without providing many details about the advantage or disadvantage of the material. This could be a problem for you while you choose the perfect counterpart for your home project. 

Even if you find two countertops style similar there might be the difference of finish and makeup meaning that they are designed to suit in two different settings. If you are not quite sure which counterpart you choose, let us help you. We will be telling about some of the common types of counterparts and their practical application in your home.

Natural Stone: Granite or marble slabs

If you wish and commit to timely maintenance and yearly resealing, you should go with natural things such as natural stone countertops like custom-curved slabs of granite and marble are the perfect option for your kitchen countertop. Especially the granite has always been in high demand for its durability and beauty also it can absorb high heat as it is a volcanic stone. Granite makes the countertop look stunning and long-lasting. 

Quartz countertops:

If you love the beauty and look of natural stone but afraid the need for regular resealing and tendency of moisture damage than you should go for quartz countertops. It is also called engineered stone which is similar in looks and performance as granite. Engineered stones are made with watertight crystals and rocks, a heat-resistant resin that transforms it into an amazingly durable surface with natural looks that looks stunning to eyes. Also, the quartz countertops do not require much of the maintenance. Whether you are looking for a waterproof countertop for your bathroom or a heat absorbent countertop for your kitchen, quartz would be the perfect choice for you.  

These both types of countertop have their own advantages, so how would you choose between them? What is important is to understand about this countertop more and once you fully understand about those you would be able to choose the best among them which suits your needs.

Natural stones: Quartz stones

Granite countertops are made from a pure mined stone. The stone then cut into slabs or tiles and polished after that for the installation. Whereas the Comptoir Quartz countertops are made with the crushed quartz mixed with pigment to make it colorful and bind with resin. The content of quartz into quartz stones is usually more than 90 per cent. If you prefer the pure and authentic stone than granite would be the best choice for you otherwise you can choose the quartz stone.

The looks of granite and quartz:

Both of these stones have their own strong points. You could see the natural variations in the hue of stone if you see the granite. The colour you could find in granite ranges from earth tones to blue, green and red. Though the colour in quartz is more consistent and you can find quartz stone with a wide range of colors because the pigment is used while making the quartz.

You can find the perfect shade that meets your requirements. The more you explore, the more option will be found. It is easy to find them online. This is something that can prove helpful.

Whether it is about Quartz counter or granite, you should always look for the best platform that can offer you wide range of options, styles and more. If you choose a reputed platform, you can get the high quality products at best price. 

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