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Many studies have shown that colours have a real impact on your moods and the confidence with which you see the world. We have always unwittingly associated colours with expressing emotions, so it makes sense to use colours to influence our moods, Colour therapy also known as chromotherapy uses different colours to affect your wellbeing. Colour has the power to evoke different types of feelings. Many studies show that the colour of your clothes are capable of communicating not only your mood but also your status, influencing not only what others think of you but also what you think of yourselves.

Let’s see what colour choices outfits for women in stores carry

Colour Me Black

Wearing Black or dark grey is a fashion basic. Everyone has more than one black ready-made dresses in formal, work and casual wardrobe that are a must wear in different social settings. Black outfits for women reflect power and authoritativeness. Wearing black usually draws admiration and respect and indicates independence.

Passion of Red

Red is a colour that has always captivated the attention of others. It reflects power, strength, drama, passion and ferocity. Wearing red makes us feel energetic, outgoing and authoritative.  Red is a very powerful colour, so be careful over wearing red can make you come across as a tad bit intimidating.  Colour to be avoided when choosing casual outfits for women. So, stick to wearing red only when you need to boost self-esteem and portray self-esteem.

Bluer than the Sky

Blue is another very powerful colour, however, it has the complete opposite effect than red does. Wearing blue creates a deep sense of calm, peace and serenity. Wearing darker shades of blue like indigo create a comfort zone akin to a pool of warm water, whereas lighter shades of blue are uplifting and serene especially in summer outfits for women. Too much of this colour can create a design faux pas, but wearing a blue shirt to job interviews or important business meetings is ideal since it also reflects honesty and trust while at the same time stimulating creativity.

Nurturing and Earthy

Green is considered one of the most healing colours among the colour family. It generates an atmosphere that is soothing, harmonious and balanced. Green, in general, represents a season of new growth. Choose light green or brighter shades of green if you are planning on starting something new. Deeper darker jewel shades of green help you to connect to earthly grounding energy. Wearing this colour reflects conventionality and security.

Wear Pink with an Open Heart

Wearing pink outfits signifies a compassionate heart. Although pink is mostly associated with babies and little girls, pink is a colour that can be easily worn both by men and women. People who wear pink whether male or female, appear to be approachable and capable of loving others.  Pastel pinks are a good choice to go with but if you feel that pastels don’t suit you, try something in fuchsia pink.


Purple is a colour that definitely makes you stand out in the crowd. The colour purple, especially shades of violet make a statement. Wearing purple clothes shows others that you want to be noticed. It makes you feel special and unique. It is definitely not the colour to wear if you just want to blend in with the crowd. Burgundy is also aligned with royalty and wearing it helps you rise to the occasion and set you apart. Lighter shades of purple like lavender will help you feel more in touch with your spiritual side. Again, all shades of purple are worn both by men and women.

The purity of white

White reflects innocence, simplicity and purity. Wearing white outfits for women will reflect upon you as someone who cares about cleanliness and openness. Even global brands like Apple incorporate this colour psychology into their branding. The colour white also represents new beginnings. Putting on a white shirt feels like being given an opportunity to start the day with a clean slate. Wearing a white can offer a fresh and bright outlook.

If we were to believe in colour therapy then essentially, we become what we wear. Colours carry a very strong connection with our personalities, moods and our well beings. Chromotherapy at its core is all about understanding the power that colours have in our daily life. They assist us with our emotional, mental and physical well-being. With this in-depth look into the role colours play in our lives and the strong presence that it has in our fashion choices; will you be making any style changes anytime soon?

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