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Yacht Rental

Chartering a yacht is a dreamy, off-beat experience you always imagined during your trip to Montreal. A yacht promises a luxurious experience where you can sit back, relax, dance, play or indulge in different water sports with friends or family. 

If you’re planning this bucket-list holiday where you can sail through the ocean, you must know some tips before renting a yacht, which promises a hassle-free process. This article will highlight the top 6 pre Yacht Rental Montreal booking tips for a smooth sailing experience. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive in! 

6 Pre-Yacht Rental Montreal Booking Tips 

1. Be Flexible with Your Itinerary

While you’re on a yacht, everything depends on the weather. Generally, yacht charters allow you to travel to different destinations in a short period of time, which includes water as well as land. Since the weather keeps fluctuating, routing never goes as planned as last-minute changes tend to occur, so avoid booking restaurant reservations, non-refundable hotels or other activities. 

2. Know About the Crew

Since you are going on a yacht you will not be operating, it is mandatory to have a professional and experienced crew onboard with the expertise and knowledge of sailing and ensuring that every guest is comfortable. To better understand your crew, have a small chit-chat session with them and meet the entire team. 

3. Plan in Advance

Yacht Rental Toronto is a big decision requiring much planning and paperwork. Hence, everything needs to be done in advance for a hassle-free experience. Yachts generally operate for a seven-day schedule between Sunday and Saturday, so you must plan your trip accordingly. Additionally, these schedules are generally set up a year in advance, so it’s best to get in touch with a yacht renting booking company as soon as you decide to charter a yacht. 

4. Keep a Budget in Mind

When you rent a yacht, going overboard with the budget is a common trait that results in over budget. Different types of yachts can be rented at different prices. While booking a yacht, keep a budget in mind and choose the most suitable yacht that meets your budget and requirements. Understand what the amenities they offer and if it includes any additional cost. If you want to save money, consider booking 5-6 months in advance. 

5. Know About Onboard Amenities.  

Every yacht has a set of different amenities; thus, it completely depends on the yacht you choose. Some common amenities on the yacht are the swimming pool, jacuzzi, beauty salon, gym, sauna, beach club, tennis court and other essentials to enhance your experience. If you need any specific amenities, consider asking the rental company. 

6. Look for different types of yachts.  

While choosing a yacht for your summer vacation, you may have to choose from various options. Some of the most popular types of yachts are motor, sailing, catamaran, and gulet, which are ideal for family cruising. While charting, the last thing you imagine is being unable to fit comfortably inside the yacht; thus, choose wisely. 

5 Yacht Water Sports Activities to Try on Your Next Luxury Yacht Charter 

1. Kayaking 

Kayaking is a popular water sport performed by using a small water boat called a kayak on which you can get up close to the beautiful blue waters under the open sky. With double and single kayaks available, you can enjoy this activity alone or with your friends. It is a luxury, adventurous sport ideal for enjoying unparalleled views. 

2. Jet Skiing 

Are you an adventure-seeker who loves the thrill of jet skiing around the coastlines and feeling the salty breeze passing through your hair? If so, jet skiing on yachts is a perfect adventure activity most ideal for adults and older children. On a jet ski, you can explore the picturesque coastlines and mesmerizing beaches, which will delight you. 

3. Flyboarding

If you’re bored of usual yacht activities, it’s time to try something adventurous and fun, i.e., flyboarding. It is a popular water sport with increasing popularity amongst luxury travelers, where a cutting-edge hydroflighting device will take you to a height of 22 meters using hand stabilization and underfoot propulsion systems. If you’re craving a major adrenaline rush, flyboarding is meant for you. 

4. Wakeboarding and waterskiing

Ideal for your entire family or a big group of friends, wakeboarding or waterskiing is a fun water sport where you stand on a wakeboard and experience the joy of waterskiing. Generally, this type of water sport is on the yacht for maximum fun! 

5. Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is another popular water sport where tourists can dive into the ocean and explore the marine world. It is a perfect sport for a family where you are given all the safety equipment to move freely deep inside the water and become a part of the marine world. 


Q.1 List some of the essentials to carry to a yacht

Some essentials to carry to a yacht include soap, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mosquito repellant, skin moisturizer, and antiperspirant deodorant. 

Q.2 Mention the top 5 occasions to celebrate on a rental yacht Montreal

Some of the most popular occasions people celebrate on a rental yacht include: 

  • Birthday or anniversaries 
  • Proposals or engagement 
  • Reception parties 
  • Product launch event 
  • Family gatherings or meet-ups 
  • Wedding 
  • Seasonal holidays 

Q.3 What is the average price of Yacht Rental Toronto? 

Generally, the average price of renting a yacht is somewhere between $175 to $200 per hour. Renting a luxurious yacht ranges between $300 to $500 per hour. If you book for a day or two, the price is around $2000 to $5000. 

Wrapping Up!

Renting a yacht is a memorable experience as it includes many luxurious activities you can indulge in and enjoy. Whether you’re planning this special vacation for a celebratory event or want to spend some leisure time with your friends, family or alone, following these pre Yacht Rental Montreal booking tips is highly recommended, which promise a hassle-free booking and smooth sailing experience. You can also indulge in various water sports, fun activities, dance, parties, music, games and food that will complete your holiday and promise lifetime memories.

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