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Prepaid Vs Postpaid Plan

The confusion of whether to take a prepaid connection or postpaid connection is something that almost all of us go through. There was a time when people who were in love with their phone number always opted for postpaid connection, as they thought this way they can keep the number in their name forever. The porting of number has brought a lot of changes in the thought process of users now. However, the confusion has hardly faded away. Let us see find some of the advantages and disadvantages of both prepaid and postpaid connections.

Advantages of Postpaid Plans

  • Taking for example, all the airtel postpaid plans come with unlimited calling facility. The platinum plans start from INR 499. And apart from 75 GB data and calling facility, an entertainment option also comes with this plan. So, it can be called much affordable.
  • You calls won’t end all of a sudden. You can talk over the phone for as long hours as you want to.
  • The postpaid plans are varied. You can take the one that suits your requirements and budget.
  • You will get the bill every month, and can use this bill at many places as aproof of residence.
  • There are options for family postpaid plans, which will ultimately help you in saving money.

Disadvantages of Postpaid Plans

  • If you do not keep a track on your call duration, the bill may come as a shock to you. If you are travelling to a different place for some days, the roaming charges may get added although these are not a big concern with Airtel Postpaid plans since they offer unlimited calls on local and STD number even while on Roaming.
  • Changing a plan or porting to prepaid connection can be time taking and taxing.
  • You will have to go through a long process to cancel the number since you need to clear off the outstanding amount first.

Advantages of Prepaid Plans

  • You can change the tariff plan without giving a second thought.
  • You will have number of choices and most of them are pocket-friendly.
  • You do not have to wait till the end of the month for the bill. Instead, you will have to pay first and then use the balance.
  • You will have better control on your expenses.

Disadvantages of Prepaid Plans

  • Your important call may end any moment due to low balance however you will not face this challenge if you opt for the Airtel Unlimited calling prepaid plans.
  • There is no option for truly unlimited data plan however you may get daily data plans which provide a certain amount of data each day.
  • The major disadvantage of prepaid connection is that there are very limited add on benefits such as complimentary subscriptions and no way to share the benefits of your plan with other family members.

If you compare a modern best postpaid plan with a prepaid plan you can figure out the advantages and choose the one that gives you more value for money. Both prepaid and postpaid connections of Airtel offer excellent features and customer service.

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