Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Enjoyable Rainy

Rainy seasons are enjoyable when you do not have to worry about leaking roofs and clogged rain gutters. Every person who loves rain wants to enjoy the beauty of nature but unfortunately, if they have not prepared their home for the heavy rainy season, they most probably suffer from the dreaded rain. 

If you are someone who loves summer showers and enjoys a rainy evening with your favorite snacks, here are some ways to make your time stress-free. 

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1. Redo The Roof

Leaking roofs can be a very serious problem during monsoon season. Make sure that you get commercial roofing contractors to check your roof thoroughly. 

A roof inspection can help you cover up minor issues that can become major issues if heavy rainfall persists for a longer duration. You might need small fixtures or redoing the entire roof might be the only option. Make sure professional roofing experts inspect your roof and then make an informed decision. 

2. Clean The Rain Gutters Thoroughly

Rain gutters along the roof and the downspouts can get clogged with dust, dirt, and fallen leaves. The clogged gutters can make your life miserable when the rain is pouring continuously but it is not draining properly. Standing water in the rain gutters can break them as well. 

Make sure you clean the downspouts and gutters completely before the rain spell begins. You should call professionals for gutter repair instead of doing it yourself. Professionals will do a job that will last longer. 

3. Take Precautions Against Mosquitos

The rainy season welcomes a vast number of insects and bugs, particularly mosquitos. While some bugs may be harmless such as moths, mosquitoes can spread deadly diseases. Mosquitoes are associated with diseases like malaria and dengue, which can seriously deteriorate your family’s health, and even can be fatal if left untreated. 

Make sure that you have prepared yourself and your house to fight back mosquitoes. You should have mosquito repellants stocked up in your house. You should also get mosquito-killing sprays. Make sure that all the rainwater is going into the gutter. Stagnant water is a home for mosquitos. 

4. Thoroughly Check Electric Wires

Short-circuiting is a major issue that comes with the rainy season. Since humidity is increased in the atmosphere, electric appliances are more prone to electrocute you. Unprotected electric cables can also be a serious hazard around the house. 

Make sure that you check all your electric cables, wires, and sockets for electrocution before entering into the rainy season. Take necessary precautions if you sense trouble. 

5.Seal Of Windows And Doors

Monsoon rain showers can be very heavily pressurized. Make sure that your doors and windows close properly and that they are sealed. 

Any opening in your doors or windows can make the rainwater come in, destroying your furniture and carpets. You should check every window around the house and make sure that it shuts down properly. If you are having trouble with any window or door, be sure to fix it before the season starts. You do not want to spend your days mopping the floors and nights worrying about water gushing in from the windows.

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