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When it comes to painting their home in Brisbane, many people find it difficult to start because they barely know what to do or where to begin the task. And some paints, colors, and brushes do not work on their own. So, in the end, you will regret it and say it again in a year or two.

However, in any task, there is a desire to act like a king. Prepare as much as you can because every hour of preparation will save you time and money while painting. From preparing the exterior to choosing the right paint, here are the most important things to prepare your house for exterior residential painting brisbane.

Inspection and repair


Many people start painting without inspecting their house for areas that need repair.  But before starting, it is essential to look for problem areas and make any necessary repairs before beginning to paint the walls.

Cracks and holes:

  1. Repair any damage with  an appropriate plaster compound using a spatula.
  2. Spread the compound several times on the stain and scrape off the excess.
  3. Allow the paint to dry according to instructions.

However, it is very important to prepare the walls to ensure that flaws are fixed and that you get the most permanent solution for your painting.

Mold and Mildew:

  1. Look for areas where mold or mildew has spread. If the damage is not too much, then you should be able to fix it yourself.
  2. Remove the mold by rubbing the surface with a bleach solution.
  3. After brushing, allow it to dry, and use a garden hose to remove moss and debris.

Rinse the walls:

It is very important to wash the walls to remove oil and dust.

  1. If the walls are very dirty, it may be necessary to start with a chemical cleaner.
  2. Use a sponge to clean the walls and rinse with clean water.
  3. Allow your walls to dry properly before applying primer or paint.

However, cleaning is not just about filling pores or removing the dirt; The surface should be free of flakes, loose paint, oil, and anything that prevents the paint from sticking to the surface. Professional exterior painters use things like sandpaper, paint scraper, hard brush, and more to remove all the imperfections and prepare the surfaces for a uniform finish.

Check the ideal climate and temperature.

Everyone knows that there are certain climatic conditions in which you should avoid painting, such as rain. You should always consider these points about climatic conditions before painting your walls.

  1. Do not apply exterior paint in climates below 50 degrees.
  2. Check the forecast to make sure you have a clear day with no risk of rain or snow.
  3. Make sure the minimum temperature does not go below 35 degrees overnight.

Protect your critical areas

Painting can create a mess in your house. So, you should cover the critical areas that can be challenging to clean after the paintwork.

  1. If you have trees, flowers, and shrubs, then cut those plants. In addition, make sure that none of the plants are touching the damp walls or damaging the paint.
  2. Cover your furniture, as spray paint can damage them during the project.
  3. Remember to protect the areas near windows and doors.

However, it will be easier to protect the surrounding areas that you do not want to paint.

Hire a professional painting service

After completing your inspection and making your repairs, you are ready to choose your paint. It is best to hire a professional and experienced painting service for your house. Request a detailed quote from 3 painting contractors online and ask them the references of their past customers. You can also contact two or three of your customers and, if possible, visit your home for inspection.

Suppose that the whole process of preparing your house for painting seems cumbersome and troubles you. Then the exterior painters Brisbane at AR Painting Solution are here to answer all your questions and concerns about preparing your home. They have been offering residential and commercial painting services to households and businesses for over 15 years.

Final Words

Even the best images will need to be recreated over the years. If your home requires a new paint job, then preparation of walls is important to get the best results from your paint project. People who don’t want to prepare their walls themselves can hire professional services like AR painting solutions to paint their house. Professional painters have all the required skills and years of experience to offer high-quality painting services. Now, as you know how to prepare your house for painting, you can do it or hire a professional service to prepare it for a high-quality paint finish.

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