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Food Photos

Food Photos

Being able to weather the worst that cyberbullies can muster, while simultaneously working to defend Intellectual Property rights from infringement, is an important part of protecting yourself and your work online. This is why Prepared Food Photos, Inc. has retained Copycat Legal LLC to safeguard the unlawful use of its online assets.

Cyberbullying is a form of online harassment that, in extreme incidences, might also involve sending threatening or abusive messages, posting embarrassing or personal information, or otherwise intimidating someone. Photography infringement is when someone unlawfully uses a digital image without the permission of the photographer. Both activities can be damaging to an individual’s reputation and overall sense of safety.

The first step in standing up against cyberbullies, while working to protect your Intellectual Property rights, is to know and understand that the law is on your side. When an infringement is discovered, document your findings. Take screenshots and save any communications with the possible infringer.  Be prepared for, and understand that, cyberbullying as a result of your efforts is very distinct possibility.  Should you encounter such activity, keep records or any other evidence. This will help, and can contribute to a case, should you decide to pursue legal action. The next step is to always speak the truth, do not allow yourself to be enticed in to stooping to the cyberbully’s level of discourse and potentially put into writing something that may jeopardize your ability to legally protect your rights.  If a bully is using a platform such as Facebook or Instagram, you can report the activity directly to the platform. The third step is to take control of the situation. Block the bully, delete any content they’ve posted, and change the privacy settings to limit their access to an account.

Informing infringers about their unlawful use of your photographs is an important step in starting to protect your copyrighted intellectual property. Not only does the unlawful use of one’s photos lead to costly lawsuits, but it can also lead to lost opportunities and revenue. Safeguarding the photos allows one to maintain control over how and when they are used. Investing in measures to protect your online photos is an important step to ensure your photos are used ethically and only with your permission.  To safeguard its intellectual property and take legal action against online photography infringers, Prepared Food Photos, Inc. has been working diligently with its legal counsel at Copycat Legal LLC to end to this illegal act and seek compensation from those who practice it.

It is the responsibility of the Intellectual Property owner to ensure their property is not infringed upon and used without permission. Owners need to be aware of their rights and use the means available to them to protect their Intellectual Property. They should also register their photographs with the U.S. Copyright Office. Owners should also use the available technology, such as tracking software and digital watermarking, to trace their photographs and to provide evidence of ownership.

Intellectual Property owners should also be aware of the laws governing copyright infringement and be prepared to take legal action if necessary. In addition, seeking legal counsel is always recommended when taking any legal action. If a photograph has been infringed upon, the owner may seek damages and/or an injunction to stop the use of that specific image.

In a bid to safeguard its legal rights, Prepared Food Photos, Inc. pursued drastic measures of tackling photography infringement. This endeavor has led to the discovery of copious occurrences of stolen photographs that were being used unethically and without compensation, despite these images being available to paying customers on the company’s website. This endeavor has also brought about unwarranted and senseless instances of cyberbullying by some of those discovered to have unlawfully used its photography as well as instigators with nothing to gain or lose in the dispute.  Despite the relentless onslaught of cyberbullying, continues to provide a substantial library of professionally-crafted food photography and stylized images tailored to the needs of supermarket and other food retailers, as well as advertising agencies. Unfortunately, the platform has suffered a staggering 75% loss in annual revenue due to rampant pirating of its content. As a result of its Intellectual Property Protection Programs, the company continues to stand defiant against cyberbullies and has brought a huge change in the legal system for themselves and others against Infringers.

For the past 1.5 years, Prepared Food Photos, Inc. has enlisted the services of Copycat Legal LLC, a South Florida-based intellectual property law firm, in an effort to protect their invaluable copyrighted content from infringers. Although the daunting task of tracing the thousands of perpetrators remains arduous, the corporation has had some success in recovering a portion of the financial losses due to Copycat Legal LLC’s proactive measures. Consequently, the corporation has also been able to gain much-needed ground in its ongoing war against copyright infringement.

To ensure the protection of photographic works against infringement. Prepared Food Photos, Inc recommends image owners employ digital watermarks or copyright notifications to make their copyright claims clear. Furthermore, they suggest registering the photos with the U.S. Copyright Office. In addition to monitoring offenders who violate copyright laws, the company takes legal action against them. In cases of cyberbullying or infringement, they advise owners to report the issues to the site where they are occurring and seek the counsel of a lawyer if warranted.


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