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In the Gujarat campaign, PM Narendra Modi addressed the BJP rally in Palitana, Bhavnagar, in his third election rally on In the Gujarat campaign, PM Narendra Modi addressed the BJP rally in Palitana, Bhavnagar, in his third election rally on Wednesday. During in rally, pm modi target congress, he said there was corruption in the Congress and its rule. PM Modi said   that when I was CM of gujrat ,When I was Chief Minister I would plead to the Congress and Congress leaders in Gujarat to let us get the Narmada project moving and help our farmers but Congress was not interested: PM Modi in Palitan They hate development, they hate Gujarat, they hate Modi & now they hate sweat also. That is because they have never had to sweat it out in life & work hard. They are mocking everyone who works hard. This is their mindset. Such hatred for the poor is shocking: PM Modi in Palitana PM Modi said that if Congress comes to Gujarat then Gujarat will start getting riots again. PM Modi said that in Congress rule, there were 7 communal violence in seven rath yatras in Gujarat. No such situation now. PM Modi said that there is racism and corruption in one way and development on the other side. PM Modi said that under the Ujjwala scheme 50 million applications have been received, out of which 3 crore has been given. PM Modi said that the person who has not created 1 kilometer canal is now demanding accountability from us.

Modi takes dig at Rahul for visit to Somnath temple

Modi also dig Rahul Gandhi for his visit to great Somnath temple , he said in his rally the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had opposed the idea of building a great somanth temple. “If there was no Sardar Patel, the temple in Somnath would never have been built. Today some people are remembering Somanth by going in temple , I have to ask them – Have you forgotten your great history? Your great family members, our first Prime Minister pandit nehru, pandit nehru was not happy with the idea of a somnath temple being built there,” Modi said this all things while addressing an election rally in Prachi. He said that when Dr Rajendra Prasad was to come to inaugurate the Somnath temple, Pandit Nehru expressed his displeasure. “Sardar Patel dreamt about the Narmada but your family did not let that dream fulfil,” he said. The Prime Minister said, “The people who have looted public wealth public today have become economists. Only 70 years in the country, the same family ruled, not giving account of it. We are taking public accounting with the robbers. “The Prime Minister said that those people are opposing demonstration whoes money have been robbed.” The Prime Minister also attacked the Congress on GST. He said, “I do not know how economists have been, today a new GST is being called ‘Grand Stupid Thought’. A tax is being sought in GST. But how can a salt and five million car be taxed Tell you that Rahul Gandhi had a tweet this morning and asked for the account about his promises to the Prime Minister. Rahul wrote, “The answer to the 22 years, Gujarat demanded the answer. The first question from the Prime Minister on the situation of Gujarat: In 2012, promised 50 lakh new houses, 4.72 lakh houses built in 5 years. Will it take 45 years to complete? ” can be same?]]>

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