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Our home mobility range complies with over 194 safety parameters, including European home safety codes, and has a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certification. 

Elite Elevators is a premium home lift company headquartered in Victoria. We’ve collaborated with TK Access Solutions, Germany, to bring our advanced home mobility offerings to Australia. TK Access Solutions is one of the world’s leading home lift manufacturers. Premier German technology, elegant Italian design, remarkable performance and safety form the core of our home lifts. Safety in our home lifts is an aspect we are wholeheartedly committed to. This value is reflected in our home lifts, which gained international recognition with the “World’s Safest Home Elevators” award in 2021. 

What’s the advantage of having safe home lifts? 

We follow through on our promise: safety is in our DNA. This is evidenced in our premium product range. Our partner, TK Access Solutions, manufactures our home elevators in their facility in Pisa, Italy, adhering to European home safety standards. Every home elevator from our product range is fitted with several safety mechanisms that users can access in cases of emergency. In short, even children below the age of 14 and the elderly can use our home elevators safely, without supervision. 

What makes Elite Elevators’ home elevators safe?

Our home elevators are designed to ensure the safety of everyone, so you can experience peace of mind every time you use them. Don’t just take our word for it – read on to find out the international regulatory bodies and in-built mechanisms that make our home elevators safe. 

  1. Adherence to European Home Safety Codes: The European Union upholds rigorous regulations for all products manufactured in member countries. As our home elevators originate from an EU country, namely Italy, they are legally bound to comply with European home safety codes. Our home mobility solutions comply with the codes, machinery directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-41 (for home elevators) and EN 81-40 (for stairlifts), which provide a comprehensive framework for ensuring the safe use and manufacture of home elevators. Our home elevators proudly follow these codes, assuring safety in all respects. 
  2. Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Certification: Regarded as one of the world’s most prominent international safety regulatory authorities, the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) sets a benchmark for product safety. There are levels to the SIL scale – the higher it goes, the safer your product. Our home elevators have been awarded the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certificate – a testament to their high level of safety. A SIL 3 certification means our home elevators are among the safest globally, as no other home elevator carries this prestigious certificate.
  3. Integrated Safety Layers: You know how cars have safety features like seatbelts and automatically deployed airbags, right? Similarly, our residential lifts boast integrated safety layers, offering both manual and automatic mechanisms. Two automatic rescue devices (ARDs), a mechanical button, a manual key, and a trapdoor: these are the safety layers meticulously built into our residential lifts. Your safety is our priority, and our safety features are designed to be activated manually or automatically in emergencies, ensuring a secure user experience.

Owing to the above features, a residential lift by Elite Elevators is secure to use any day, any time. To put this into perspective, our residential lifts comply with over 194 safety parameters. 

They aren’t restrictive to users either – wheelchair users, elderly users, and children below the age of 14 can all use them safely. If you have pets in your home, you can transport them using our home mobility solutions, too.  It’s these external certifications, in-built safety mechanisms, and requisite safety features that give you and your family the boost of confidence to use our residential lifts unsupervised. 

The importance of safety in residential lifts cannot be overstated. Our home mobility solutions are not only safe but also elegant and of premium quality. As a brand, we have set a new standard for safety in residential lifts  don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a premium safe and elegant residential lift in your cherished home With Elite Elevators you can have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a safe and reliable product

Make Your Safe Haven Safer Today With Our Home Lifts

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