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Designers makes photorealistic presentations of 3D product modeling and rendering for industrial design. Through this service we have visualized a great variety of products from the furniture and decoration sector. Both furniture design and accessories, lighting, machinery, etc. Above all, one of the great advantages is obtaining photorealistic images when the product has not yet been produced, is in the prototype phase or is simply an idea.

While sometimes, even if the product is physically available, it may be more advantageous to go to this service. So sometimes it is preferable to use the 3D product modeling and product rendering technique over conventional photography. Due to various reasons, such as:

  • The scale of the product itself, whether it is very large or very small, makes your photography difficult.
  • You want to show the 3D object from all possible angles.
  • It is necessary to have total control over the finishes of the product, textures, the light that falls on it and its brightness 
  • For subsequent 3D integrations of 3D product modeling and rendering in real photography.

Photorealistic images using 3D Product Modeling and Rendering

In general, in the initial phase of a design or pre-production phase, 3D product modeling and rendering provides us with an ideal solution for project presentation. Consequently, it is not necessary to invest too much time and money in prototyping and photography of products and locations. And the result is the visualization of the product as a photorealistic static image. An animated presentation can also be obtained using 3D animation. And it is even possible to physically hold it in your hands using 3D printing. 

Why use 3D modeling?

3D product visualization – more convincing than reality

What is more convincing than reality? You can also impress your clients with a photorealistic 3D visualization that is indistinguishable from reality. It brings the product to life in the eyes of your customers and puts it in the best possible light.

Professional product visualizations for perfect product presentation

Different firms offers professional, photo-realistic high-end product visualization for manufacturers, product designers and marketing, communication and advertising agencies. Whether for technology, the automotive industry, architectural visualizations or everyday goods, thanks to our many years of experience and our unique expertise, there are almost no limits to getting the most out of the presentation of your product.

Optimal viewing angle in the perfect environment

Not only do we present the product in the perfect perspective, we put your product in the right context. This helps your customers with the purchase decision and ensures that advantages and unique selling points are immediately recognizable and unmistakable at first glance.

Product presentation with added flexibility thanks to 3D rendering

3D rendered product representations offer a number of significant advantages over photography. In particular, a 3D rendered representation of your products is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, subsequent changes are possible without any problems, movements, scenes and angles can be represented in a way that is never possible with conventional photography or only with the use of cost-intensive technology and time-consuming post-processing it is possible.

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