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Movers and packers can help you regarding your residential or commercial moving. But if the company is reliable, professional, and registered. Because many freelance workers are working on fake companies’ names in UAE. Be aware and investigate before you enter these kinds of workers into homes.

Professional movers and packers provide smooth and reliable services there will be no headache if you hire the best company. You will get a budget-friendly quotation along with a uniformed and well-trained moving team like furniture carpenters and packing helpers.

Registered moving companies have box-covered vehicles with the UAE department of economic development approved company advertising and complaint contact numbers.

Professional moving companies use such kinds of packing materials as bubble wrap, stretch film roll, carton roll, and cardboard boxes to prevent any kind of damage to your expensive furniture and appliances.

Their workers have legal visas with the right designation, are fully uniformed and healthy, and are trained by moving institute’s team members. They are native speakers of English, Arabic, and Urdu/Hindi languages. All workers follow WHO covid-19 guidelines to prevent such kinds of infections.

Movers and packers services and types

  • Residential Moving Services
  • Commercial Moving Services

The Movers-Emirates provide all kinds of commercial and residential movers and packers services in Dubai. The team is capable to dismantle and fix royal, luxury, modern, and locally made furniture.

Commercial Moving:

 All kinds of commercial moving services are covered by this company. Like offices, warehouses, stores, gyms, hospital/medical equipment, shops, markets, salons, etc. You can compare the prices with other companies as well.

Professional moving companies have big trucks and all moving equipment which is essential to use for commercial shifting service. Factory, warehouse, hospital, and gym equipment are easily dismantled by the team and fixed after moving as well.

Residential Moving:

Residential moves Sammamish services like houses, villas, apartments, studios and single house items, etc. Moving companies are 100% responsible for any kind of damage or stolen items in residential relocation. The prices are for this service are based on the quantity and distance of transportation.

The furniture carpenters in this do the dismantling of house furniture and appliances and then fixing at the new house or villa as well.

Don’t worry if you are hiring a professional moving company because they have well experienced as compared to freelance workers.

Moving service process:

Moving service is divided into 4 processes which are furniture and home appliances dismantling, packing, transportation and fixing of furniture, etc. Professional and well-trained dedicated team for each process. Like furniture carpenters for dismantling and fixing, packing helpers for packing and loading/unloading, and drivers for transportation of the items from one place to another.

Furniture Dismantling:

This is the initial process of movers and packers furniture carpenters and helpers. All house items like furniture, curtains, lights, decor items, home appliances dismantle by the carpenters properly. Professional carpenters are capable to dismantle any kind of royal, luxury, modern, Italian, and locally made furniture.

All the big items which might not fit in trucks and not move out/in by doors and elevators will dismantle. You don’t worry about your items if the moving company professional you hired.

Household Items Packing:

Packing is the second process but is considered the most important by movers and packers. Because the items not properly packed and wrapped by protection materials they might scratch or break.

Moving companies are using such kind high-quality packing materials like bubble roll, stretch film roll, corrugated roll, paper sheets, packaging peanuts, carton boxes, and clean blankets. These materials help to prevent any kind of damage to your items while moving from one place to another.

Moving quotation is includes packing charges so don’t worry there are no extra charges for packing all of your household stuff. But if you need some strong double packing then maybe the charges will increase just for the extra materials.


 The helper’s team will start loading the trucks after properly finishing the dismantling and packing of the items. Make sure to hire only box-covered vehicles company because the items will be safe in long-distance transportation.

The charges are the same for long-distance moving and short-distance moving. Because moving companies giving quotation based on the quantity of the items and the quality of service as well. Charges for moving can increase based on distance if there are only one or two items to move.

Furniture & Appliances Fixing:

Fixing is the last and final phase of moving service. The professional furniture carpenters will fix all of your home items like furniture and appliances which are essential. This is the last process and also helpers will unpack the boxes and keep your items wherever you want.

The bedroom furniture, living room, guest and kids room, lights, curtains, photo frames, and appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, cooking range, dishwasher, etc will fix the carpenters.

After finishing all the moving processes now is the time to pay the company and enjoy in your at your new place.

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