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Translation into Chinese of a company’s content is necessary to expand in the Chinese market, which is the second-largest market in the world and its GDP has grown by around 7% in recent years.

The Chinese market is very attractive in terms of imports ($ 1.96 trillion in 2016) and exports ($ 2.34 trillion in 2016) because of its production capacity, but also because of its purchasing power. If we take into account a population of approx. 1,325,000,000 people, China plays a decisive role in the markets from the west. 

Worldwide only 2.2% of all content is translated into Chinese. For this reason, it is important to be one step ahead of the competition and to position yourself in a market that is of great importance for international expansion.

Native speaking Chinese translators

There are two variants of the written Chinese language, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. It is important to know in advance which of the two variants will be translated in order to choose a specialist translator who will meet these needs.

Translation Servicves


When you order a translation into Chinese from us, we will assign you a native speaker translator with experience in your industry. Every Chinese translator must meet the following requirements:


* Native speaking Chinese translator

* Relevant university degree in translation

* Continuous training

* Comprehensive experience

* Expert in various fields

Professional translation of official documents and texts into Chinese

Our customers come from all over the world and they turn to us for the translation of their documents into Arabic. As different as our customers are, so are the industries they come from: international trade, audiovisual media, technology, retail, tourism, construction, e-learning, art, law, medicine, etc.


We receive requests for the translation of a wide variety of documents into Chinese in a wide variety of formats, such as press releases, e-mail correspondence, operating instructions, games, websites, articles, catalogs, contracts, product descriptions, annual reports, books, apps, etc.

Sworn translator for Chinese

We provide certified translations into and from Chinese that are legally valid inside and outside of Spain.


In the case of certified translations into Chinese, the translator confirms with his seal of approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his signature that the translation is true to the content of the original document. Certified translations are always delivered in paper form, signed and stamped by the sworn translator, with a copy of the original attached.


We often do certified translations into Chinese, usually for administrative procedures, public tenders, notarial matters, or legal proceedings. We can offer you the best translation prices and offer short delivery times.

Chinese-Spanish and Spanish-Chinese translations

The Chinese and Spanish markets exchange a large volume of goods. China is the most important manufacturer of products in the world, which is why our international translation agency translates daily from Chinese to Spanish and from Spanish to Chinese.

In China, there are some international sales platforms that make their products available to customers all over the world. Translation by a professional, native Spanish translator is essential to ensure a good quality translation. 

In addition, Spain exports a large number of premium products such as wine. Olive oil and ham are shipped to the Asian country. These products are intended for the luxury market, so the translation into Chinese must be done by a team of professional translators whose native language is Chinese.

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