Mon. May 27th, 2024
Preserve the Value of Your Property With Property Management Services

Property owners hire residential, commercial, or industrial real estate property managers responsible for monitoring ongoing repair and maintenance of the property. Owners of investment properties such as apartments, shopping centers, condominium complexes, private home communities, and much more prefer to get property management services to preserve the value of their property. Property managers are responsible for Operations like care and maintenance of the property, screening tenants, etc., preventing renting out the property to wrong tenants. In exchange, property managers get fees for a certain percentage of rent generated by the property from the owners. Below listed are certain responsibilities of a property manager:

1. Property Evaluation

Property managers carry out property evaluations to determine an accurate rental rate. They perform or recommend the care, maintenance, and cosmetic improvements of the property, such as getting the broken appliances repaired and much more. Additionally, they gather data associated with rental rates in and around the area to determine the optimal rental rate of your property. 

2. Property Marketing

A property manager prepares your property by cleaning and optimizing interior appeal. After that, they create ads and also work with other leasing agents to market your property to potential customers. Meet prospective tenants to show them the property around and collect the applications with the application fees.

3. Tenant Screening

Property managers carryout a brief background check of the potential tenants to verify their identity, credit history, income, rental history, and much more. After that, they select the best-suited tenants and inform the others who were turned down.

4. Tenant Moving In

A property manager plays an important role while the tenant moves in as they have to draw up the leasing agreement. It is crucial for the property owners to review lease guidelines with the tenant regarding rental payment norms and other property maintenance rules. After engineering that all the agreements have been executed properly, they perform a detailed inspection of the property with the tenant to ensure providing what was promised. And lastly, after the successful completion of the moving-in process, the property manager collects the first month’s rent and security deposit from the tenant. 

Additionally, The property managers are also responsible for hunting down payment dues for late-payments and sending out quit notices in case of any faults. In case of any fault or failure from the tenant’s end, the property manager makes sure to remove the tenant and their position from the unit or take any legal action if required.


Property owners get in touch with property management perth when they are unable to maintain multiple properties and deal with numerous tenants. Property owners usually lack the time and expertise to deal with various tenants hire property managers to receive landlord management services. Furthermore, some property owners own properties in different cities or countries and require property managers for its care and maintenance. 


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