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Psychological effects of Hair loss –Stay away from it! <![CDATA[Psychological effects of Hair loss –Stay away from it!]]>

Psychological effects of Hair loss –Stay away from it! Are you in search Psychological effects of Hair loss and What causes hair loss and how to deal with it?    then you are in right place In an attempt to resort to anything you hear in the name of hair fall control many a time you end up aggravating the problem. Instead of looking for a proper fix, many instead start worrying and that emotional stress becomes another reason for increasing hair fall. They may also go into depression to the point of avoiding socializing. In the phase of dealing with an emotional and social challenge, the most important part gets neglected, i.e., your health, which probably is being signalled by the hair loss. You tend to overlook the fact that your body may have faced a massive stress or deficiency which needs immediate attention. While we are discussing what has to be done and what should not be done, it’s not as easy a dilemma to face. To lose something that reflects your style, something that is a part of your beauty, is not easy to deal with. For women and men alike, heavy hair loss brings a big change you are forced to learn to adapt. But then, being anxious will lead you to wrong treatments, because you then tend to prioritize more on instant results than proper cure. Like every other problem, in hair loss too, keeping your cool will allow you to find the best solution.   Psychological effects of hair loss and how to deal with it: Many people go through a deep emotional problem because of hair fall. This is more possible if a person has hypothyroidism. This condition causes hair fall and can also make the patient feel low.  Also in cases where hair fall is not temporary, like Androgenetic Alopecia (one caused by the presence of male hormones) and Alopecia Areata (caused by autoimmune disorder). These conditions are not corrective and can cause baldness making one lose confidence or have low self esteem. It is indeed frightening if you know it is not corrective naturally. Of course, treatments are available, but you should be rational while seeking the ideal treatment. Always take your time in researching the effects of each treatment available, so that you are not another victim of its side effects.(check this also Minoxidil Beard) And this is possible only when you are not trapped in the psychological effects of hair loss. If you realize that what others think of you depends a lot on what you think of yourself, you’ll be able to focus on your strengths to bring the best out of you. Life is not always full of sunshine. If you have a hair fall problem, others may have some other problem you are fortunate not to have. Instead of getting drowned, emerge with solutions. Research on the causes and cures. Consult and share to get additional information. If you can’t avoid the 30% of the hair fall issue, you can at least save yourself from the 70% of it. What causes hair loss and how to deal with it: On getting early signs of hair loss, instead opting for cosmetics to control hair fall, it is advisable to diagnose the problem. There are many factors responsible for hair loss. Losing more than 50 to 100 hair should raise an alarm to check which of the factors can be responsible for it.  

  1. Are you having malnutrition or having a deficiency? If you are feeding yourself well, but not good enough to have all the nutrients our hair needs, it’s better to have it checked. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Iron and protein are essential for good hair growth. Include them in your diet preferably naturally if the deficiency is not too high.
  2. Did you just come out of a physical stress? Physical exertion like surgery, pregnancy, heavy weight loss etc can cause hair fall for about six months. Make sure you allow proper recovery with emphasis on nutritious diet.
  3. Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy or at menopause. There are corrective pills. The first scenario is temporary so you won’t need them. You may need them for latter, but that should be with proper consultation, understanding the severity of the problem and the side effects.
  4. Your genes can also cause hormonal imbalance causing Androgenetic alopecia. This condition is permanent and depending on the severity may also need treatment.
  5. Excessive Vitamin A intake can also cause hair fall. So opt for natural intake of vitamin A.
  6. Autoimmune disorder can cause sudden loss of excessive hair. There is no natural cure other than hair loss treatment.
  7. Hypothyroidism also causes hair fall. Diagnosing the condition and having treatment for the same will also take care of the hair fall issue.
  8. Do you have fungus in your scalp? Have a clean and healthy scalp. For oily scalp make sure you clean it regularly and for dry scalp make sure to oil it regularly. Make sure you do not have fungus. Have lots of vitamins to keep the scalp moisturized. Vitamin B keeps the scalp dandruff-free.
  If you have to go for a treatment, make sure you research well about the side-effects, not only through the company offering the treatment (for they will only have the bright picture to show you).   Tips to style your hair so that it looks voluminous: Apart from taking proper care to reduce hair fall choosing a proper hairstyle and styling methods also helps in reducing the problem. When you are aware that your hair is affected, make sure you avoid harming it with styling accessories as much as possible. Avoid chemicals and heat. Have layered, short hair for volume. Use big toothed comb for untangling. If possible use fingers. You can use rollers for waves, but be gentle while doing it. You can also use extensions, and if you have to use a wig, make sure it’s breathable. If you have bald patches, you can hide them by pinning up longer strands of hair over it. Be soft on the roots, do not pull your hair too much for styling. Keep an eye on the parting. Change it before it broadens. It is unfair to un-love your beautiful self and the wonderful life for a single set back. Appearance can always be manipulated and enhanced. It is your inner self that reflects and forms an impression. When you have the most confident smile and the happiest twinkle in your eyes, those will outshine every other defect. And the one you consider a defect, what if it’s only you who call it a defect and others wouldn’t even have noticed it had it not been because of you. Be kind to yourself and stay away from the psychological mess.
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