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PUBG Season 18

As we all know PUBG ( Player Unknown’s Battleground ) has created a great impact on the genre of gaming. It has been one of the most successful and free download PUBG games so far. PUBG’s worldwide fan base is incredible, It is like a giant amongst all gaming apps around the world. PUBG Mobile season 17 is still going on with its high HD Quality weapons and destinations, yet fans are already eagerly waiting for the upcoming 18 seasons.


According to Coimbatore Coimbatore City Survey on the Best Online Game on people worldwide including Mobile versions are playing PUBG. We can guess the population and craze of PUBG amongst the people. More than 200 million copies are sold.  Most research has declared it one of the most successful gaming app.


PUBG Update-PUBG Mobile Season 18 Release Date:-


There is a lot of debate going on around the world about the exact release date of PUBG Season 18, there is no confirmation when it’s gonna start. But it is expected to be something around March 17 to 20. Because ongoing season 17 is slightly coming to an end and the PR session will take approximately 24 hours for rewards or events. So Season 18 can be predicted between 17 to 20 of March.

PUBG Update-PUBG Season 18 Rewards In details:-

Here we gonna have brief information about the Season 18 Rewards;


  • The pink green Uzi-Skin
  • The New Outfits
  • Smoke Grenade and Parachute multicolored skin
  • Iconic Helmet
  • Scar – L Skin


The Pink green Uzi-Skin:-

This excellent Scar-L skin, with a color combo of pink and yellow, is anticipated to be at the RP level 90. In any case, it can be at any other level as well but doesn’t alter .the truth that it looks exceptionally charming. Uzi is one of the foremost well-known SMGs in PUBG Versatile due. to its fast-fire rate, moo drawback, and adequacy in close-ranged combat.



The New Outfits:-

Image result for PUBG Season 18 The New Outfits:-

PUBG Versatile Season 18 Royale Pass spills | Equip Skin A basic looking Season 18 furnish with a touch of green and yellow. It is gathered to be accessible at Level 1 of the S18 Royale Pass. simple-looking cutting edge professional killer sort furnish with a touch of green and yellow can be propelled within the PUBG Portable Season 18. It is gathered to be accessible at Level 1 of the Season 18 Royale Pass. The plain white equipment with a sprint of green and yellow is essentially charming to one’s eyes.


Smoke Grenade and Parachute multicoloured skin: –


This time in PUBG Versatile Season 18 level rewards, .Tencent Gaming is counting fun and energizing skin for a smoke projectile. This skin for the smoke projectile looks truly cool and energizing, wish it turns out to be genuine. Also likely to be added as Season 18 Royale Pass rewards are a wacky-looking .smoke-grenade skin and a blue-camouflage parachute. It is not known the level at which these two skins will be available.


Iconic Helmet:-


A toy-themed Level 3 helmet skin is one of the exciting skins we can expect from the Season 18 Royale Pass. It has an appealing color scheme of green, pink, and yellow, both fun to watch and to equip our character.



Scar – L Skin:-


It is said that the lovely pink and yellow SCAR-L skin will be introduced in Royale Pass Season 18. It is supposed to be available on the Royale Pass at level 90. We are not sure whether the level is real or not, but we are sure that with a fun toy-themed color combination, this new skin from SCAR-L looks beautiful.


PUBG Mobile Content:-

  • Karakin & Code-C New maps:
  • First flying vehicle: the Glider engine
  • The tool of fire: Panzerfaust
  • New Weapon: Sniper Rifle Mosin Nagant
  • Fresh Throwable: Bomb Sticky
  • Mechanics: Demolition Zone & Penetration by Thin Wall Bullet



This was all about the forthcoming Royale Pass leaks for Season 18. Bear in mind that this information is not official. We will soon update you more about the PUBG season 18. Stay Tuned with us!


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