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PWA Push Notifications

One of the cutting-edge technologies behind Progressive Web Apps that bring a huge increase in re-engagement for your website is PWA Push Notifications

However, there are currently a lot of myths surrounding the PWA Push Notification. Therefore, this article will provide you with exact information about this feature.


What Are PWA Push Notifications? 

Understandably, Progressive Web App push notifications are simple messages or can also include images that popped up on users’ devices without requiring them to open the app. 

Accordingly, PWA owners can take advantage of this function to notify their target customers of promotions, special offers, or simply remind the app users of their brand.

With push notifications, a message “Black Friday 50% Off Everything” will be sent immediately to the users in the form of a pop-up message with a link directly to the sales page.


Undeniable Benefits Of PWA Push Notifications 

1/ For PWA Owners:

Thanks to PWA Notifications, you can interact with your customers instantly, grab their interest and optimize your customer journey without too much effort. Therefore, leading to an increase in conversion and engagement.

Consequently, PWA Push Notification can contribute significantly to increasing sales, profit, brand awareness, and retention.

It can be said that PWA Push Notifications is by far a cost-effective marketing method that brings incredible outcomes. 

2/ For PWA Users: 

An easy-to-see benefit is that push notification helps users to always stay up to date with real-time information. They can always keep up with special offers, promotions, or new product releases of e-commerce websites.

Especially with push notification features, users can access the app easily and quickly. Whenever they see a pop-up message, all they need is just to click on this notification on the screen.


Myths And Facts About PWA Push Notifications

1/ Users must open the PWA to get notifications

The very first misunderstanding about PWA Push Notification is that users need to open PWA to receive notifications.  In contrast, it is the fact that there is no need for users to open the app or are using a phone to receive pop-up messages.

The only thing that they need to do is adding PWA to the home screen and accepting to receive notification from the beginning.

2/ Users can receive messages offline

Secondly, the myth that PWA Push Notification can work offline is false. Website admin can generate push notifications at any time. However, the time that the user receives depends on whether they are connecting to the internet at that time or not.

However, this is not an extreme concern as with the current technology age, most users now access the network more often, even though they can be online 24/24.  Therefore, the users will receive information promptly.

3/ Users only get notifications on mobile devices

Moving on, it is also incorrect to assure that only mobile phone users can get pop–up messages. Oppositely, PWA can easily be added to the desktop’s home screen.

So, users can also receive notifications in the right corner of the computer screen if they click pop up “accept the notification from the website”.

4/ PWA owners can create long messages

Many e-commerce merchants think that they can create a push message at any desired length. However, this is completely wrong. In fact, merchants need to know that the number of characters in a push notification is limited.

However, this is reasonable and, in some way, is a good point. Because if the message is too long, the receivers cannot read it all briefly and grasp the touchpoint of the message. So, just write it short and attractive enough for users to click on when seeing the message.

5/ PWA Push Notifications is not effective as SMS or email marketing

Last not least, there are lots of arguments about the effectiveness of marketing through Progressive Web App Push Notification and SMS or email.

The thing that can be proved is SMS and email marketing are both rapidly gaining in popularity. Though, stated that PWA Push Notification is not effective as these marketing tools are ridiculously mistaken.


PWA owners do not have to pay any third-party service provider to send push notifications. On the contrary, SMS or Email marketing will charge them a noticeable monthly fee (e.g.: SMS marketing starts at $29 per month).


With the SMS and Email marketing method, the messages sent to users will be easily marked as spam.

In addition, users might receive many types of advertising mail every day, so they will not read or ignore the majority of those. Whereas, referring to the PWA Push Notification feature, it is only displayed when the user has accepted the notification. Then, when a pop-up message appears on the screen and attracts enough, users will immediately click on more details.


Tips For Sending PWA Push Notifications Effectively

Push Notification is certainly a great feature of PWA; however, how to effectively send each PWA Push Notifications to the customer is an art and requires sophistication. Here are a few tips that you probably need when sending push notifications to users:

1/ Do not send too much

First and foremost, make sure that your customers will not be bothered by those push notifications. Otherwise, they will ignore or worse still, stop receiving notifications from your PWA.

So, what should be more concerning is the value that these messages will bring to users. It is wrong if you just see it as a tool to advertise.

2/ Keep messages short and engaging

It is obvious that users are quite busy and have many different interests when they are using the mobile phone.

Therefore, keep your push notification content simple, short, and compelling enough that no one will be able to ignore it. In some cases, adding to your message some emojis will incredibly make it so much more interesting.

3/ Deliver relevant content

One of the other key points in engaging your customers is the relevance and accuracy of delivered messages.


Wrapping up 

Surely the article has not been able to give all the myths around the PWA push notification. However, hope that the above information has given you a more detailed vision of this special feature.

PWA Push notifications are apparent to be a powerful weapon in the effort to attract, retain users, and boost conversions in the app.

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