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In June 2019 statistics, 21 per cent of couple families with kids aged 0-4 in Australia have both parents working full-time. Out of 7.2 million families, 1.1 million were single-parent families, and 83 per cent of these are single mothers.

If you come under any of the above sections, it would be hard to work far from your home. Aside from the long commutes, leaving your kids without anyone to look after them can be quite stressful.

Fortunately, there are in-home care providers that offer rural child care to those parents who are working far from home. If you have decided to hire a care provider, make sure that you are leaving your kids in the hands of a good rural child care provider.

Below are some of the essential qualities of before and after school care providers


A good Child care provider must know how to respect their colleagues, parents, and especially children. Each family has a different background, culture, desires, and interests that need to be respected. Every child is unique in their ways. They have different sets of abilities and skills, and a good care provider must know how to respect these.


Little children are still trying to learn new things, and most of the time, they are slow at understanding things. A good care provider can understand that a child cannot complete some tasks quickly. Moreover, most children need time to repeat tasks. Repetition is an essential learning tool for young kids.

Teaching and informing the kids the same things repeatedly could be tiring at times. However, patient care providers could help the kids learn and grow with self-esteem.

Accepts children

Children need understanding and acceptance. The feeling of acceptance helps a child to develop emotion and intelligence. Moreover, this helps the child to become self-confident.

Acceptance does not only affect how the children feel about themselves. It also shows them how to treat others.

Good listener

A child will feel that he or she is valuable and worthy if the care provider is attentively listening to them. A good care provider talks with the child and not at the child. Most behavioural problems begin when a child feels that no one is listening to him or her. Furthermore, a good provider understands the difficulties the child is dealing with and helps them accordingly.

Has a good sense of humour

Laughter is always the best medicine. If the child care provider is still happy and positive, the child is more likely to be the same. Laughter could make a child feel relaxed and pleased, and it is the best way to deal with stressful situations. Moreover, it helps children learn to enjoy life.


A good child care provider should love fresh ideas from the kids. Also, the care provider should know how to plan activities that could enhance the child’s creativity.

Leaving your children with a good care provider could help you become more productive at work. In rural areas with only a few child care centres, in-home rural child care could be your best choice.

Moreover, it would be beneficial for your child if a care provider or educator comes directly to your house. This way, your child can be cared for safely in the comfort of your own home.

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