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If you live in a location that has a humid climate or at least experiences frequent bouts of rain, then you might have to deal with moss accumulating on the roof frequently enough. This becomes even more of a pertinent problem if certain roof sections remain in the shade for the better part of the day due to foliage overhead or because it remains in the shadow of some other structure in the vicinity.

Moss overgrowth not only creates an eyesore and reduces your home value but can also be extremely unhygienic because it is prone to attract pests and germs.

Hiring Flower Mound roofing contractors is the best idea if you live in the locality, and here are some questions you need to ask them.

How do they clean the moss from the roof?

This is the most crucial question that you need to ask the experts. There are various cleaning methods of moss and mildew, and you need to know which method they will employ.

Usually, John Beal Roofing contractor will check out the condition of your roof and the intensity of moss growth to determine which method will work best. However, you do need to ensure that they have the necessary tools and equipment.

Do they use chemicals while cleaning?

Cleaning moss from a roof is no easy task, and some cleaners will use chemicals to get rid of it. However, chemical-laden cleaners are often harsh, and they can chip away the roof paint or cause your tiles to crack from the heat and fumes they generate.

Nor is it a good idea to use chemical agents on residential properties, especially if pets and children are around. Hire roofing contractors who have a more sustainable approach to moss cleanup.

What happens if the roof is damaged during the cleaning process?

While hiring a Flower Mound roofing contractor for cleaning moss, ask them if they are insured and cover all liabilities. This is of utmost importance because you would not have to worry about any damage to your roof during the cleaning process.

Do they have insurance?

Any work done on the roof involves working with heights, and moss can be very slippery to begin with. Always ensure that your roofing contractor carries insurance and that all crew members have adequate coverage. You do not want to be burdened with a compensation claim on your hands in case of an accident.

How do they ensure roof health after moss removal?

After cleaning all the moss and mildew from the roof, ask your roofing contractors whether they have any treatment in place that can prevent moss from coming back again, at least for some time.

These treatments are specially formulated, and the contractors will determine which one to use, depending on the style and material of your roof, which will prevent the moss from returning shortly.

Roofing contractors Flower Mound TX, ensure that your roof stays clean and free from moss. Moss and fungal growth can run deep and create cracks on your roof, paving the way for more issues. With timely cleanup by experts, you can ensure the health and cleanliness of the roof for extended periods.

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