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Thousands of lawyers in Massachusetts specialize in family law. When it comes to selecting a lawyer for your divorce, you have to be cautious. It is not legally mandatory to hire an attorney for your divorce in Massachusetts. Should you hire one? Absolutely! Divorce is more than just about ending a marriage. It has a lot to do with child custody, property distribution, child support, and alimony. It is also about ending all concerns in an amicable manner so that you can move on with your life. In this post, we are sharing more on how to choose a divorce law firm in Boston MA.

Ask for a personal meeting

Divorce is a personal matter, and you may not feel comfortable talking on the phone. Consider asking the attorney about a meeting. This could be a good window to discuss everything you want and ask questions related to the legal process.

Test their response 

A good attorney would take the time to listen to your story. While divorce lawyers are not supposed to be therapists, they usually have an empathetic approach and offer practical legal options for clients. They will also answer your queries like – Who keeps the house? Can you get alimony or spousal support? What about physical custody of the kids? If you don’t want physical custody, can you get legal custody? These are common questions that people usually ask during the first meeting.

Watch out for red flags

If a divorce lawyer claims that they can get an outcome, they are probably overpromising. There is a limit to which an attorney can impact the case, and you have to check if the lawyer is saying anything that sounds too good to be true. When a lawyer doesn’t want to talk of their fees and other legal costs, that could be a red flag too.

Check reviews

Does the law firm have good reviews? Independent reviews posted on Google are really handy for comparing options. Clients will typically post a review when they are too happy with the lawyer’s work or are disgruntled because they didn’t get a favorable outcome. You can also ask the law firm for references.

Comfort matters

You have to consider if you are comfortable with an attorney in the first place. You would need to share all personal and financial details during the course of the divorce, and therefore, there should be some rapport with the attorney from the day of first consultation.

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