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Looking forward to get more living space but not really confident if you should move or enhance? Making a two-storey addition is going to boost your home’s layout and enhance its value.  Once made your decision to extend, it swiftly becomes clear that including a second storey extension offers you double the space of a single storey extension at a lot lower cost per square metre.

You can discuss your options with experts like second story extension builders in Melbourne and ensure you choose the right option. With the high cost of housing in many areas of the world, this is a mainly cost-effective option as it is dramatically going to increase the worth of your property as well as offering you that much required extra space.  Similarly, not to forget that it  even gives you the opportunity to transform the look as well as feel of your home both upstairs as well as down and form up the home you really want, in the absence of the high costs and even hassle of moving house.

Second-story additions to your present home can permit you to stay in the comfort of your beloved home at the same time allowing you to add additional room to the top of the house. Here are a few of the many perks of adding a second story:

A huge space

As mentioned above, staying in the same house might feel like your living space is becoming smaller and smaller. Once you are in a position to have a second story, it can be a great solution that brings forth additional living space for you to work with as well as recreate your dream place.

You can use such spaces to your heart’s desire, deciding either to have a fresh bathroom, create a spare bedroom or that of even make up a secret storage room. This perk can be quite the helping hand once having other people or pets stay at the same home.

Less annoyance to move

Second-story extensions to the home are the ideal alternative to having to move house. You must save yourself tons of annoyance , whether it’s from packing your belongings, house-hunting, even that ofscouting locations, arranging paperwork, and so on.

Additionally, in case you are already attached to the location and home that you are presently at, there’s no requirement to up and leave it. You should look at this home improvement as an augment of the house that you already adore without losing anything in turn.

Enhanced Value

In case you are looking for any financial perks with getting a second story, you must look at it as an investment into the worth of the home. Certain home enhancements, such as a second story, will make a huge improvement on how your home is going to be priced in the future.As a general rule, the cost will inflate depending on the house’s size. You can easily look forward to better curb appeal too when you remodel alter change up the look of your fresh home to accommodate the additional floor. Make sure that you hire professionals to handle such a special project with utmost care.


To sum up, speak with second story extension buildersin Melbourne and begin with your addition right away.

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